Thursday, March 24, 2016


So an Alien was looking down at earth, contemplating from a distance. He watched the colors of our skies, the beauty of our oceans and simply thought, "Earth was beautiful". He then got closer, zoomed in, he saw what seemed to be earthlings in the forms of humans and animals. He was very observative, and continued contemplating our way of life. He saw a few things that were interesting and odd. He watched as animals took care of their own, protected, fed and cared for. He saw how smaller animals, those we call pets, loved their masters, their human families and protected them even with their lives. But then he zoomed in closer as he could not understand what he saw.......

He saw Humans from a distance, they all seemed the same. Some taller, some shorter, some heavier and some lighter. Some were black, and some were white..... oh wait, he thought, "Humans come in every color, shape and size....yet from a distance they all seem alike". As he zoomed in he realized, humans were divisive, they called each other names, they placed labels on each other and caused pain and discord. There were some Humans that shared love and compassion, the same kind of love he had seen from the other earthlings.....but the lack of love and hurt was loud and prominent. He thought, "How can a beautiful planet so rich with gifts for these earthlings be taken for granted by its tenants.......why can the Humans who rule this planet share less love than their animal friends?  Why?

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