Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dialogue with Respect

Eileen Gonzalez
This is a Christian page......
All religions and atheists are welcome!. I am not religious I am spiritual. I connect with God via thought, word and I bring him into my life. He is my BOSS, the CEO of my brand Eileen Gonzalez and manages my page Life According to Me as well as all my other ventures.

In this page you will be challenged...better yet expect to be challenged. Not out of disrespect but to encourage dialogue and open us ALL up to new views. To help us understand that there are many ways, many beliefs. Yet we all must learn to do so in respect.

To me a Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist - you name it; all have the same right to be heard and I will allow this forum for such HOWEVER all must be done in respect.

Your views are not right over mine and mine are not right over yours. Everyone that comes to this page must feel comfortable to state their opinion and must be comfortable to be challenged in RESPECT. Questions promote GROWTH........Criticism promotes Defense.

This is how Eileen see's it......we all have our beliefs and we all go about our day living life ACCORDING to such beliefs. It is our responsibility to as HUMAN's to be the best version of ourselves no matter what those beliefs are. At the end, we will meet our maker and it will be then when we will learn if we were right or wrong. Till then we believe and we act accordingly.

In the meantime, this is a discussion forum, we will all be stretched out of our comfort zone and you can choose to participate or not...yet if you do, it's to be done with the same respect you expect for yourself.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Peace on Earth - Imagine that!

I pray that all men and women from our military come back home. I pray they return safe and sound to the arms of those that love them and patiently wait. I also pray that as you send our men and women that you also touch the hearts of those in charge of making such decisions from all over the world and that we can put an end to such fighting. It gets tiresome God, it gets tiresome to see and feel hatred, to see divisions among humans and to see all sides say they are right…no one seems to be wrong. You see so much hatred, fighting, bloodshed and all said to be in your name, yet you are a God of love, mercy, forgiveness and you do not promote such violence. Yet we do, we “mankind” find all the excuses in the world to kill, to hurt, to be right. World leaders need to do a better job, they need to put a stop to their fighting from within and promote world peace so that all nations can live side by side despite their differences yet respecting each other for who they are. Our men and women from all countries need to go back home to their loved ones to build their lives not have to wonder if today is their last.

God I ask and I know this is a big request as it involves so many, some who believe, some who don’t and some who simply interpret their own way…….I ask you stop this fighting and send our Soldiers HOME, home to the loving arms of those who wait.

Peace on Earth - Imagine that!

Thank you -  AMEN

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Freedom in doing what you Love!

Sometimes we get stuck in the job or a career which is not what we originally thought it would be.
We feel burnt from all the long hours, sacrifices and lack of recognition or compensation. Do you know what I am saying? Do you or anyone you know feel like there has to be more?

Well I gave Corporate world the very best of myself, I sacrificed family, traveled as much as they asked for and was on call even while on vacation. I simply lost myself in work and could not seem to let go. Well, I could not let go, yet they had not problem letting go of me when "lay off's" came along.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was already tired and feeling worn out, therefore a lay off was actually welcome, yet it also made m think about where I want to be, what I want in life. Do I want to go back into the corporate world and settle for less money that I previously made only to cross my fingers hoping they won't lay me off again? Or do I want to take a chance and own my life?

Well, I decided to own my life. Choosing to do so was and is not easy yet it's easier than the thought of having to deal with the bullshit of unreasonable management, unreasonable requests and the uncertainty of of having a job. So what did I do, I self- developed, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try things I never imagined and things others told me not too. I did it by following my instincts and well it paid off. One thing I learned was never listen to others that did not really try something. Signing up does not equal trying, 3 months does not equal trying, not learning the system does not equal trying. I surrounded myself by winners and I began to see results.

Everything I do is in line with helping others, be it in personal development, financial goals or weight loss. I do this with love and I do it because helping others fulfills me, it is what gets me out of bed each morning. 

Are you tired of being just another # at your job?
Are you tired of not knowing when your time is up?
Are you tired of giving your all and feeling unappreciated?

If you are tired and would like to work with me "not" for me....visit my site and check out each tab to see what I do.   I don't offer a job......nope....its a business venture and if you are willing to learn and give it your all, you can make a nice living and feel good about it.

Unspoken Wounds Of The Armed Forces by Steve Beedie

Dealing with the Daily

You can't hide from the fact that every day you have to face some kind of challenge. There is always a little bit of pressure at work or at home. Money is on everyone's mind and your relationships always need a little extra attention to keep things special. Life love and laughter are on everyone's agenda. To laugh more at life and to love more of everything in life. It's hard at times I understand this and I would never try and make your struggles feel less of a struggle by coming at you with some fancy psycho babble talk to make you feel a bit pumped up. That's just pointless. Much better for me to say well done. I think you are doing a fantastic job my friend. You truly are an amazing person and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Only you can know the depth of your struggle and how hard it's been. At least this makes us both equals in the face of our journey together. We have both faced hard times or continue to face them with as much belief in the idea that we can deal with what ever today brings. You can deal with today because you managed to deal with yesterday. I only wish to pass on one little piece of advice.

Be a little bit kinder to yourself.

You've done so much these last few weeks and it's been tough on you. Dealing with family friends and probably having to act as agony aunt or crying shoulder a few times. The dreaded housework keeps piling up and the dishes getting higher can feel like a mountain of pressure alone. And then the bloody washing machine starts with his moaning noises. You know the ones I mean. That “I don't feel like playing today” noises. It's hard to stay cool when all the little things are piling up daily and it feels like you are the only one dealing with them. If your like me and you have one or four kids, you have bullies, teachers reports and homework to deal with on top of the every day crap that keeps coming your way. So today I just want to say one thing to you my friend. We're in this shit together. The daily battle of the little things that mount up to make you feel like your all alone in the fight. Together we can beat the piles of dishes and moaning noises from poorly made washing machines. Today you can feel like someone understands how you feel under all this rising pressure. I know how it feels to have bullies hurting your babies and teachers expecting you to understand what a-x times apple pie is. I get that you are pissed of with how no one seems to acknowledge your hard work and never ending ability to make the impossible happen. I think you are one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to know. So you keep on doing what you're doing. Keep on dealing with the daily grind and maybe one day we can both find ourselves happily smiling with the fact we never ever gave up hope. I know you won't because I won't ever give up on you. You're just too damn important.

And somewhere along this craziness you can overcome the monster which is PTSD. Because at times it just feels like it takes a back seat under all the other daily crap you have to deal with. But I know it's there in the back of your mind because you hope for just one day that it will not play a part in your day. Hoping to enjoy just a normal day is as much as you can wish for at times can seem like you're going crazy. Trust me my friend. It's not just you hoping for a little bit of normality. I guess that makes us all a little insane huh!

I will be here with you as much as I can. Dealing with the dishes and wishing for the washing up fairy to come and sprinkle some magic on this self generating pile of clothes.

Love Steve

Monday, August 26, 2013

Life Beyond Death by Tracy Wasem

Life Beyond Death
By Tracy Wasem

I died at the age of twenty-four. It was May, my favorite month. Flowers were blooming and the desert sky was covered in dusty storms. Naked on the operating table and cut open down my entire abdominal cavity, I was leaving this world similarly to how I entered it. Bloody and naked on a medical table.

A ruptured appendix had gone septic and this third surgery was beyond risky. It was their last hope to try and save my life and they had given my parents a 50 % chance of survival which became smaller and smaller with each surgery. I wouldn't survive another one. My heart stopped twice on the operating table. It was then that I had a Near Death Experience. Scientist sometimes tries to explain this event away as the result of intense REM activity of the dying brain. This does not however, explain events that happen after. How a person's life can change forever from such an experience. How personal the experience is and how many NDE survivors can describe events that happened to them when they were clinically dead.

I had never been a church going person. I had no knowledge of the power of God until I was standing among celestial being communicating to me. They did so through telepathy in such a loving place. A sense of peace and love emulated from these colorful people full of brilliant vibrant colors not to ever be seen here on earth. Yet my journey included a trip to hell, earth and heaven. Revealed before me was the complete knowledge that death was just a portal to other dimensions unseen by us here on earth. The choices we make here determine the destination after our death. I was guided by a boy I had known in high school. As far as I knew he had moved to California and was doing well in the banking industry. How odd it seemed to be guided by him to different area of the after-life.

These celestial beings told me that I would wake up in a hospital and that my parents needed to know that I was going to survive. When I did wake up my hands were tied to each metal bar on the hospital bed. A machine was breathing for me. I saw my dad's pocket full of paper and a pen. He always carried them in his front pocket. I motioned to him to untie my hand. I had so much information to share with them. I came back with a gift that at times seemed like a curse. Now, I just know it was important for me to have that gift and I realize it was my place to use it wisely. What was the dark cloud above my neighbor in the ICU recovery room for? Could anybody else see it? Why was I now able to see colors above young people? Answers to my questions would come quickly as I scribbled a barely legible note to my dad. "I'm not dying." My parents wept over the scrawled, difficult to read scratch across a used envelope. My life had forever changed and I was eager to understand my experience. A different young lady walked out of the ICU unit 32 days after admission.

Stop Holding on to the Past, It has no place in your Future

I screwed up so badly in the past that I still carry some heavy baggage. Yet despite it all, I learned to put down the baggage in order to move forward. Even though things at times are not as they should or I would hope, I feel empowered and excited about my life.  You see, I went from feeling bad about myself, from living in victim mentality to choosing to create a new life, a life I envisioned yet never dared to pursue.

Yesterday was a great day, you see my past mistakes impacted others and as much as I had committed to moving forward I felt bad for the pain I caused others. Well, yesterday my Dad hugged me and said, "no matter what happens everything will be alright, we will all be good". Let me tell you that it was like a ton of bricks lifting from my back. Because I know my responsibility, my role in his pain and it was difficult not worrying knowing I had done wrong by him.
Stop holding on to the past, it has no place in your future. 
You see forgiveness is not about forgetting, it's about choosing to move on. It's about understanding that holding on to mistakes, to pain will not make things right. It's about choosing that even though you hurt me, I love you more than any pain.

I was blessed with that moment......
Yet that does not mean we stop trying, right? We keep working to make a better future, knowing that no matter what it will all be alright!

Holding Hands

I was driving home when I noticed a couple walking their dog.  For some reason as I passed them I looked through the rear view mirror and saw him stretch out his arm, open his hand and his wife simply placed her hand in his and they continued walking.

I felt good seeing that.
You see I never had that, I lived in a marriage for 22 years in which I needed to be thankful my husband worked, provided, was simply home.  Yet there was no affection, no desire to do the little things that do a long way.

I saw that simple action and I continued to drive home with a smile.  To all that read this, do the little things, as simple as they may seem they make a big difference in your relationship.  Make the time to give more, to do more.  Do it not to simply please, but because when you give the best of yourself you draw the best of others upon you.

Hold feels good, it looks good and it gives hope to those like me that simply never had it.

- Eileen Gonzalez

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What if I told you......?

What would you say if I told you that things will get better?  What would you say if I told you that
those challenges you are facing are just preparing you for better?  Would you believe me or tell me to go away?   Well, I am here to tell you just that.
It does not matter where you've been or where you are, what matters is what you do next.  Our attitude toward our challenges will determine our results.  Therefore if you believe this, then you will understand that with the right attitude you can change your life around.  You can take that challenge and turn it into a useful lesson, you can take those roadblocks and find opportunity.   It can all get better, yet it all depends on YOU.

Check your attitude, focus on becoming the best version of YOU.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GOD the CEO of my Business

I want to thank you all for your continued support for this page "Life According to Me". As many of you know when I chose to start this page I did so with a mission yet with doubt as this was a whole new world to me. Writing a book, managing this page, opening up to others was pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Yet I did so because I felt in my heart I needed to give hope to others that like me had felt lost, others like me that knew darkness.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be working with individuals in the form of a life coach, never did I imagine I would love sharing with others and hearing their stories and together brainstorming to find better. Never did I imagine I would fall in love with this line of work and never did I think this would not feel like work but like an extension of me.

Eileen Gonzalez is my name, it's my brand yet its managed by the highest CEO in the Universe.

You see all I do and will ever do will be by the mercy of God. God is the CEO of Eileen Gonzalez, he manages all I do through this page and via my many other ventures all which are in line with helping people find their way and reach their goals.

Pray with me so that every word I share, every message I post, every counsel I offer be of healing. That although at times they might be painful, the message will result in transforming the lives of those that need it most. I pray my page is a source of hope and light, a place in which all can come and not be judged. I pray my page is inviting to everyone no matter their beliefs. I pray that those that come broken, leave restored. I pray that we as a community come together with love, caring and ready to offer the best of each other as a strong community in the name of my the name of God.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We sometimes wear a disguise

Life Coach / Author / Blogger
Sometimes we watch others pass by and we think, judge, even comment on their appearance. How they speak, dress, act even how they sit. Sometimes we simply look at the shell and disapprove of what we see. What is really sad is we fail to look past the appearance, we fail to hear past the words, we fail to connect with the individual. 

Those who at times we disapprove of, disapprove of themselves, they carry their pain on their shoulders and cover their guilt with the attitude of "I don't care". They gave up on themselves, they fall into the role they believe is expected of them. They hate their lives and they hate the world.

The pain in their lives is so great they mask it with a shell, a cover up, a disguise. 

We need to be slow to judge, slow to discard because those we wish to ignore have a story, sometimes a story not to distant from our own!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Take the First Step

You don't need to know how
You just need to take the first step

What are you waiting for?

Brand New Day

Eileen Gonzalez
Life Coach
I am still in bed thinking of the blessings I have in my life as well as acknowledging the challenges I face.  I smile because no matter how much uncertainty, my blessings out number those challenges.  One thing I have learned in life, especially in these past couple of years is that we must always hold on to the vision of the better life we want.  We must believe in our hearts we can achieve it and we must be ready and willing to go make it happen.  It does not matter how hard things may seem or how long it may take, what matters is your focus, your drive and your willingness to get up and create.  Today is August 14th, 2013, as I reflect on the person I was just a few years ago, October 2011 to be precise, I am not that person.  I am a stronger version, I am committed, I am a leader.  Yet I did not set out to be who I am today, it simply happened.  It all changed with a choice, I was so mad at being broke, sick and tired of being sick and tired that I chose to re-focus on what I could fix rather than on what was broken.

Have you ever felt that way?, have you felt as "enough is enough".  Well sometimes we need to reach that point so that we can fully awaken.  It is a painful experience however when we open our eyes so do the doors in our lives.  Sometimes we are so focused on seeing with our eyes that we fail to see the magic that is happening behind the scenes, the greatness that is developing from our thoughts, words and actions.

We are so powerful that we can create anything we want with simply focusing on it.  Yet somehow many of us don't believe. We go on about our day creating, actually creating the life we don't want because we fail to believe in the power of our mind.  So what do we do?, How do we help people understand?  Well the way I see it is each of us has to come to that cross roads in which we acknowledge there is a better way than how we are living; that we deserve more than we have dared imagine and we have to accept the role we play in creation.

Now that I understand the law of attraction, the ability to create or re-invent who we are, I look back and see how all through my life I had harnessed this power however I did so without realizing I did.  In my mind there were things such as my role at work in which I knew beyond a doubt I could excel and I chose to think, speak and act the part thus achieving leadership roles.  Back then I attributed to luck, yet I recall my focus, my determination and my belief - I was in creation mode.

Think back at your life, events in which you have achieved exactly what you wanted.  Can you recall creating that event?  Think of how you got there?, then compare it to unsuccessful events in which you did not achieve the desired results.  Compare the differences in your attitude toward each event.  If you pay attention you will see the differences and understand that we indeed have a purpose, a role to play in our lives.

We are in constant creation, we can do it intentionally or not, we can choose to believe it or ignore it, however no matter what you choose, the creation process will still be working.  Therefore what do you want to create today.  If all this is true, what will you commit to doing today?   Remember, your time is right now, not yesterday which is long and gone or tomorrow which is still in the works - this exact moment is all you have, so start creating right now.

Start with understanding what it is you want in life and start creating it.   Use your thoughts, your words, your actions to help you.  Change your beliefs so that you can go from wishing for better to knowing it is being created.

This is a Brand New Day, use it to the fullest, start by creating
 the Day you want and know you deserve. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Uphill Battle

Let's not be fooled, change is not easy. In fact it can feel like an uphill battle. However you can conquer this battle, you just need to stick to your guns and push your way up that hill.

It might take time, it will take effort, yet it's a battle worth conquering.!services/c5ro

You have a choice!

Knowing you have a choice is the most empowering feeling I have known. It means you don't have to accept your current situation, you don't have to settle for less than you want and deserve.  You can demand better, pursue it and make it happen.

People around you will be quick to share their thoughts, experiences, suggestions or try to show you why you are wrong.  Don't let this bother you as it all becomes background noise which you can easily tune out.

You have a Choice.....Embrace it!