Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social Media for the Professional

One thing that is great about Social Media is the ability to stay in touch with co-workers, upload your resume and stay current with potential employers. If you are wondering how to get known or be visible, it’s time to check out the options that exist. Keep a professional page, don’t mix it with your personal stuff, gossip, jokes or pictures. Keep it clean, professional and keep up to date with your all your latest information. Remember while you are sleeping, someone is reading! What do you want a potential employer to see or read? In today’s world, Social Media will expose you to a larger audience than you might have thought possible, therefore be careful with over communicating, sometimes less is more - all eyes are on you. Use this tool to your advantage and make the Social Media work for you.

My Journey of Self-Discovery

This journey of self-discovery truly amazes me. I have been on this journey for over 4½ years and I am still discovering things about me. I am still facing challenges yet these don’t faze me as they used to. I am open to listening, to seeing, to feeling. I am receptive to the messages that come through others, events or things. Yet the one thing that amazes me the most…..is that I am tough as nails. I get hit hard, sometimes losing my balance, have to shake off the impact, yet I find my strength to do it again. I was never like that. I was weak and afraid and here I am facing fear and accepting the challenge.
I don’t have all the answers and I do not need them as I am willing to move forward and let the answers become clear.

This journey has been amazing, I have opened my heart and let others in, I have opened my heart and showed others out, I have opened my heart and given myself the chance to heal and love.

Who knew that this journey were ongoing? Who knew that there was so much to discover? Yet I now understand that this journey is lifelong and as I get older I will continue to discover who I am and who I am becoming.

I don’t ask for an easy life, I ask for a life full of love, risks, challenges and success. I want a life worthy to share with the world.

You are STRONG!

You and I are stronger than we think. Stronger than we dare imagine. The next time a challenge comes our way, we will remember this and face that challenge head on….why?, Because we are tough, we are made to withstand hard times, we have an amazing bounce back muscle that helps us get back on our feet stronger than ever.

We were built to last, built to survive. We are STRONG!