Friday, February 28, 2014

An Angel Came to Visit By Anna Lee

T’was the night before Christmas we were destined to bump into her at the grocery store and a Christmas miracle would there, unfold  ~ An angel came to visit ~

After the power came back, hubby and I rushed out to do some grocery shopping before the stores became crazy busy, being so close to Christmas and all ......and there we bumped into his niece....We hadn't seen Candice in a little over a year. She went on to tell us she moved out of her dad's house and on her own and also mentioned she'd visited with some relatives last Christmas, where she'd gotten hold of some family photos. Andy (my hubby) lost his only box of family photos to a basement flood shortly before he and his brothers sold the family house. I asked her to please send me the photos she had and sure enough they just arrived on e-mail.....

Pictures of his mom and dad, toasting around a Christmas tree.....Perfect!

So, for the time being, I printed one and framed it for my hunny ...And so the Christmas Miracle became …. Andy's mom passed on Christmas Eve so, this was even more...well, I'll use the word eerie, but an angel came back in the form of his niece to bring mom back into his life, if even just in the form of her picture...I'd never met her, but Andy looks just like her !

The kind of gift you can't put a price on, the kind of chance meeting you could have never planned and the picture by chance, around a Christmas tree, being so close to Christmas of the two dearest people..... and one of them coming back now, so close to the day she left…. Amen 

They say hindsight is 20/20.

They say hindsight is 20/20.
Well, that may be, but what I’d like to know is, who exactly is this they, and are they absolutely certain of this? Looking back at all that has transpired; could they have done what our family has done? Could they have tolerated the tremendous sacrifices? Could they have acted as quickly and bravely, and had the same outcome? Maybe…but, then again, no one can look back at a situation and say for a fact that had they done it differently, the result would've been better. Life has a way of leveling the playing field, no matter what the circumstances, and there’s no such thing as home field advantage when you’re competing with the variables of life; that’s what makes it so scary, so exciting, and so very precious. Especially, when it concerns those you love.
Family, by one definition, is a group with something in common. I fear that’s far too vague a description by our example. Family is born, of the heart, of the soul, and of the mind; it’s in the point and counterpoint of a pulse, the likeness and divergence of thought, and the passion and formality of a cause. Family is acceptance outside of understanding, with a tough and unconditional bond that spans beyond blood, beyond bone, and beyond life itself. By our definition, family is simple; you have only to look at us to see the true meaning of the word.That’s something that I think even they could benefit from, but couldn't possibly ever understand.

Deborah Cota

Saturday, February 1, 2014

What would you tell your Son or Daughter?

If a son or daughter were struggling with a goal, would you tell them to do their best without much expectation?  Would you tell them to give it their all no matter what? Or, would you tell them not to waste their time?  Chances are, you would tell them to give it their all.....chances are you would want them to dream big and you would wish them success.  Why? Because you want them to have more than you've had.

Do you agree?  If you answered "yes", then why don't you take your own advice?  Why don't you choose to dream big and fight for your dreams?  Why don't you commit to giving it your all without accepting the option of quitting?

Feeling defeated happens.....we all have those moments. At times it feels as if what we are doing is not working.  We feel confused, weak and uncertain about today and our future.  We find ourselves fearing that our past will forever be our present.  Yet, this is not true, it's our fears that make it feel this way. We must recognize these emotions and get real good at bouncing back, we need to get real good at rising up after each fall. We need to choose to push back and fight for whatever it is we want.  We won't have a step by step guide for how to create the life we want, yet every step we take towards our goals helps us get closer, helps us get stronger, helps us achieve clarity and make wiser choices

It's time you take the advice you would want your children to take. It's time you start believing you can do more and choose to push forward no matter what.   By doing this, not only will you get better, you will also set the example for your kids to follow when life gets a bit challenging.

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