Monday, December 23, 2013

Did you know?

We move through life wanting more, yet do we know what that is?
We go about our days, feeling empty, unfulfilled, yet do we know what's missing?
Many times we are very quick to claim what the issue is yet we do so without giving it much
thought.  Money?, Relationships?, Career? - What is the real issue?

Were you aware that sometimes we simply mask the problem by labeling it rather than getting down to the root cause?  Let's say for example, "Money" is the issue.  Well, what is the root cause?  Because we know money is simply paper, an exchange for goods or service.  Therefore what is the real issue?  Let's think about this one.

Could your money issues be tied to:
  • Unemployment
  • Low wages
  • Too much debt
  • Family size vs. Income
  • Illness / Medical bills
  • Gambling / Addiction
  • Mismanagement / excessive spending

You see it's important to understand the root cause because only then will we be able to make corrections.

This exercise is part of achieving Clarity and it needs to be done in every aspect of our lives. This is what will allow us to reclaim control of our lives and be in the drivers seat.  Which by the way is where you want to be.  You want to be calling the shots, know that you are the master of your life.  So what are you waiting? What keeps you from taking charge of your life, achieving such clarity?   Is it self doubt or being broke?

Look don't tell me about self doubt or being broke cause I have used these excuses in the past,  the truth is that the real excuse is YOU ARE NOT READY.  You see if you were ready, you would stop making excuses and you would simply make a choice to put yourself first.  That is what happens when we are fed up of living in a certain way, when we reach that point we simply CHOOSE to move forward.  In that moment we entertain no excuses, we are driven by the emotion of being fed up.  Well, this is the time for you to get FED UP and to choose to move forward.

If you want change, if you want to see your life improve the only way it will happen is if you choose to do something.  The choice is one can do it for you.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick & Tired!

If you are sick and tired of living a life less than what you envisioned. If you are tired of always wondering when things will change. If you are tired of hoping for better but expecting the worse. Then I am here to help you. 

I developed an online course outlining how I changed my life. The steps I followed. How I went from feeling lost to feeling empowered. How I went from having a victim mentality to feeling a victor.

If you are ready to make a change then I am here to help you.

What do you get with this online course?:

  1. Online Course (booklet for download)
  2. Immediate access to a private group
  3. One on One coaching (30 minutes) - One time session
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Your life starts the moment that you choose to put yourself first.!services/c5ro
work book

I found my light in my darkest moment!

The greatest moment of my life came from hitting rock bottom. The greatest moment of my life came after wanting and begging for death. The greatest moment of my life came when I felt alone, abandoned, scared and confused. The greatest moment in my life came from pure darkness, from tears of fear, from feeling a failure, from feeling shame. 

I was broken, I was distraught.....I had no one to speak with, I feared reaching out. I learned so much in that moment....I grabbed on to a little bit of was weak faith, but I held on to the belief that God had to want more for me. I held on to the belief that if others could do it....why not me? It was that little bit of faith that helped me hold on, and in my darkness I found ME....I found strength. I found enough ANGER to push me forward and to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It was in that moment and by finding me, by finding that strength that I found GOD.

You see I had given up on GOD. Yet GOD lived within me. He was there but I could not see or feel him because i was too busy wallowing in self pity. When I found me.....I opened up and found the tools that GOD had given me. I found the voice God had given me and I found the strength that God had given me.

The greatest moment of my life was when I hit rock bottom, was broken and afraid. The greatest moment of my life was when I reached out and held GOD's hand!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Contemplating on Giving Up?

Discover Your Full Potential!
Giving up might seem like the right thing to do, however are you sure you are not close to success?  How far have you reached, do you even know?  How are you measuring your progress, is it just visual?

Look, chances are you are just frustrated because things are not happening fast enough. We are a society of Instant Gratification, we want it NOW.  Well, change does not happen that way.  Actually change likes speed yet it's tied to our conviction, our beliefs.

At times we say we want, yet we do not believe we can have. This contradiction causes DELAY.  This is why self-improvement is so important, we need to understand where we are, what we want and understand our current situation, beliefs, etc. If we are not fully vested, if we are not fully committed to the outcome, chances are we will not be strong enough to commit to seeing it through. At first sign of this not working we will simply give up.

How would you like to find out you gave up only 3 Feet from Gold?  How would you like to find out that your promotion was dependent on your willingness to learn something new?  How would you like to find out that all you had to do was play that number you have been dreaming of for weeks and you would have won the prize?  Many times, we walk away from success.  We do it because as much as we want, we do not believe it can happen.

Where are you?

If you are Ready to make that change, then let's do it together.
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You will be granted immediate access to our Private Group in where you will have direct access to me and together we will get you started on your way to a stronger 2014.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Prayer

A prayer that gets me through the day:

• I pray that I can see clearly so as not to miss anything that is
meant to be seen.

• I pray that I can hear clearly so as not to miss anything that is
meant to be heard.

• I pray that I can remember clearly so as not to forget anything
that is meant to be remembered.

• I pray that I can understand clearly everything that was meant
for me to understand.

• I pray that I know everything that was meant for me to know.

• I pray that I can appreciate everything that was meant to be

• I pray that I can give love and forgiveness in place of criticism
and pain, as I wish for myself.

• I pray for the wisdom that comes only from God’s grace so that
I can analyze whatever I am dealing with clearly.

I never liked praying as a young girl. I did not appreciate having to repeat
prayers, for after a while, doing so became meaningless to me. It was just
memorized words repeated quickly in order to get it over with. After
I began discovering myself, I saw prayer in a different light. I see it as
a conversation with God . . . The prayer I wrote above came from my
getting to know who I truly am and taking a good look at myself and the
role I play in life. My life is just like this book; everything is connected. I
am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, neighbor, coworker, and more.

Prayer to me is a conversation, a way to reconnect, to achieve clarity and find the peace
from within that can only come from the spirit of my higher source.