Sunday, April 29, 2012

Does this describe your situation?

Have you ever asked yourself why you act as you do?
Does it feel as if you want so much yet you don’t know how to reach for it?

Many of us feel or have felt this way at some point in our lives. It could be for many reasons; childhood, work experience, bad grades, abusive relationships. Whatever the reason; many of us have been in the same boat watching others live the life we want for ourselves. How do we get past this? How do we reclaim our lives and begin to live?

We must:

· Understand what is holding us back.
· Confront the issues (our demons) that keep us from moving forward.
· Identify what we want in life.
· Make a decision to pursue our dreams no matter what challenges we face.

We can’t move forward if we don’t know and understand where we are in life.
If you feel this describes your situation; you have some homework to do.

Surround yourself by the right people

Surround yourself with great people, those that want to see you do well in life. Surround yourself with people that motivate you, push you beyond your limits. Surround yourself with people that accept you and promote you in life.

There is a lot of negativity in the world yet there is no reason to allow ourselves to be absorbed by it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life According to Me - banner

Life According to Me is about life, happiness, forgiveness, focus and dedication to achieve a life of full potential.

Keep those you love close to your heart.  Cherish them and make them feel special while you still have the chance.

Monday, April 2, 2012


It’s funny how kids can annoy us with one simple question, “why”?

 They force us to keep looking for an answer that will satisfy their curiosity. We run out of reasons and patience, and we end up saying something like, “Just because”. As annoying as the “why?” question can be, I invite you to annoy yourself. I want you to pick out something that either: Bothers you · You can’t have Identify what that is and begin to analyze the “why?”. Every time you come up with an answer, question it with another “why?”. Keep doing this until you find the route cause to why it bothers you or why you think you can’t have it. Thing don’t just happen, there is a reason to it and sometimes that reason is not clear; It’s hidden. Until we face the issues, until we acknowledge them and understand them ; we can’t move forward. Get clear…..Get to know the “why?”

My hubby and Computers

This is my husband using his computer
"Hon, how do you use this thing again?"

Support those you love NO MATTER WHAT

My husband was doing really good yesterday after his surgery, he walked and stood up using his own strength.

However as the day progressed he began to feel a lot of pain and was in tears of how bad it was. The RN , nurses and Pain Management came to see him.  His pain was a result of two things:
1-      Machine that releases pain medicine was not working (OUCH)
2-      Gas
The nurse was trying to get my husband to get up to relieve his gas pain.  She was trying, he was mean.
She would speak to him, he would get rude,  my husband was in serious pain.   She says, “Sir, I have seen this before, you will not get up due to the pain and it will get more painful”.  I interrupt………and I say to my husband in Spanish, “ You are going to get up now….your pain is gas and you need to beat it, grab on to me and we will get you up,  Do you trust me?”  In tears he says, “Yes”.  He got up.    The nurse sees me give him support and asks me, “Are you a trained nurse?”  I respond, “nope just a wife”.
She says, well I don’t know what you said, and you have technique, so if I need help, you are my girl”. 
I want to share this with you….not because I did a great thing, instead because WE “spouse, partner”; we offer great support to our loved ones.  There are times one of us will not know how to move forward or how to hold on and that is when we need to become each other’s

Support System.   There is no greater love than to be there for the other NO MATTER WHAT. 
Sometimes that means being tough, being the strong one while the other i
s weak.   
Remember: There is strength in numbers and together you are invincible

You choose

Your journey is up to decide your path, you decide the speed, and you decide what you will settle with; take some time to get clear on your path.

Make it happen

I will be heading out to training this afternoon therefore will not be online.
However want to leave you with this.

You are the only one that can make things happen for you.   At times you will feel nervous, unsure and of course fear will check in.  However remember that “you are the only one that can make it happen”.  With this thought you need to pick yourself up and push yourself beyond your limits.  Push yourself through the fear; push yourself even if you don’t know how good you will do. 

You will learn a lot about yourself.
You will gain experience.
You will be stronger just for doing.

Life is too short, go out and make it happen.

Be the Example

Think of the great advice you give your kids:
·        Try new things
·        Believe in yourself
·        Don’t sell yourself short
·        Take action ……………

Ready? now go take your own advice.
Our kids are watching us closely; even when you think they are not.  Be the example for them.  Let them see you lift yourself when you fall, let them see you find the light within the darkness, let them see you hold on to your faith when things look bad, let them see you push your limits.  Be the example of strength and perseverance for you and your kids.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Your Resume

Let’s face it, at some point you have either been unemployed for a period of time or known someone who has been laid off from work in the recent years. With so many unemployed professionals as well as entry level it became a challenge for some to get back on their feet. For some this meant accepting jobs for far less money than their prior wages or salaries. For others this meant learning new... skills to make themselves more marketable. Even if you have not been affected, you might be in the near future. So, what do we do? How do we prepare for the possibility of unemployment?

This post is not about worrying or panicking about losing your job, instead it’s about always being prepared.

Quick question: Is your resume up to date?
If it isn’t we need to work on this, I want to focus on two points of the resume.

1-“Objective” - Many use this section to write what they feel will get them the job.
However I like to use this section for the following:

a. Be clear on the type of work you want (job / career), be specific on what your goals are
b. Be specific on what you offer the company that hires you (your key specialties)
c. Keep it brief, hit the key points without making it too wordy

In my opinion the Objective is the official introduction to a company. Just as the hiring company, I too am interested in using  my time effectively which means I want to interview for companies that attract me and for which we both (the Company and I) will benefit.  The company is not just hiring me, I am selecting them. This is the mindset you need when applying to a company.   You are providing a service for which you want to be compensated. Now this is hard to achieve when you are all over the place and are not sure of what you want. Therefore knowing what you want and why; is key in your search and must be evident on your resume.

2-“Experience” – Keep it simple – Less is More
a. Brief description
b. Use bullets to list your experiences within a job role or company

Many of us (including me) tend to get carried away describing all that we do in a role or company. Yet this can be overwhelming to the reader and might cause them to lose interest. Less is More….. by keeping it brief and setting up your job functions or responsibilities as bullet points you will be able to use your resume as talking points.

The resume must be what gets you an interview however must not contain all the answers.
Your goal is to:

• Capture the interviewers full attention.
o Make eye contact
o Explain your roles and responsibilities in detail using Resume as reference
o Be open as to what you seek, your strengths and what you offer

Getting a job is a business transaction, both parties come in to an agreement. You are to provide a specific service in exchange for agreed upon benefits & compensation.  You might not see it this way right now, however if you change your mindset and treat your work as such, you will make yourself more marketable and you will be working toward your goals.

I am in no way an expert on how to write resumes however this is the format I follow. The resumes main function is getting me that interview, the rest is up to me.