Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stop Talking....Start Doing!

Luck and Determination went out for a stroll, Luck ran out and Determination found its way. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eileen Gonzalez - Life Coach

Eileen Gonzalez

As a Life Coach my mission is to:

Encourage, Empower, Guide - Equip Individuals to Pursue and Achieve their Goals.

I have created an online course that will help you get clear on your life and lay out a foundation that will hep you not only define but achieve your dreams, your goals.

In this course I have outlined the steps I found which transformed my life.  These steps change my life, my views.  These steps took me from wishing for better, to understanding I could create better.

I have made this course affordable, basically giving it away at $49.00, why?  Because I want you to take advantage of the course, to learn the steps and to find your way.

You might not need this, however if you find yourself frustrated, thinking that things will never improve, then this course might be just what you've been waiting for.

This is your time.......Get Clear and Start creating the life you always new you deserved.!services/c5ro

Eileen Gonzalez - LIFE ACCORDING TO ME (LATM): Attention: GPS malfunction

Eileen Gonzalez - LIFE ACCORDING TO ME (LATM): Attention: GPS malfunction: Imagine getting into your car, loading the address into your GPS only to realize it is unable to locate your current location. That is equal...

Attention: GPS malfunction

Imagine getting into your car, loading the address into your GPS only to realize it is unable to locate your current location. That is equal to defining your goals yet not being clear on YOUR LIFE

Setting goals can be a challenge as we sometimes commit to them while others we just hope for the best. This happens because we are not clear on our “Why?” thus we don’t see a clear path to achieving such goals. This can be a result of several things and that is what we will discover through this course.

Setting up Goals and doubting our ability to achieve them leaves us feeling frustrated and lowering our expectations. Leaves us feeling as if we had less abilities than others.   This is not your fault, in some way we have been ingrained to believe in limitations, to not dream big, to not expect more than we are capable of. This type of belief system makes us weak, places false limitations which keep us from becoming the person we were meant to be.

Order your copy today:!services/c5ro
work book

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's not the Money - It's your Client's

OK….so you want to start your own business and here you are focusing on the MONEY!
Yes we all like money…trust me, cash is king.  Yet money should not be your main focus. Your focus needs to be your clients, your service.  However do you know who they are?  Do you know how your services can benefit them?  Is your message clear?
As a new Entrepreneur these questions have really made me scratch my head, why?  Well to begin with I knew what I wanted to offer and why.  Yet getting clear on who exactly needed my services or on how to explain my services to those that were on the fence was a challenge.   Money???  Money is the last thing on my mind at this time, yes, I do want it yet my focus is on my CUSTOMER.
Understanding who my customers are, what they need and why? That is what is going to help me get to point A to point B.
In order for me to get clear on who my customers are, I needed to get clear on what my mission statement was.  Why?  Well, I needed to be able to have a clear understanding of my goal, and on what I can and can’t do.  A mission statement provides a clear brief description of what your business is about and if stated correctly can define the value of what you offer to those that are still undecided as to using your product or services.
Therefore outline your mission statement:
  • Define your client base (age, gender, etc)
  • Define the benefits of your services
  • Define your commitments

Get clear on defining your business, focus on your clients and don’t worry about the money….Happy Customers equals Money!

Stop Talking....Start Doing!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Change bad, REALLY????

Change bad?  Really?
How about if we step back a minute and understand what change is really about? Many times we take “change” as a personal attack.  We feel we are being told that what we do or how we do it is not good enough.  Well that is far from true!  The truth is that many times change is necessary to basically make things better.
Let’s use a new car for example.   Car X 2013 is a beautiful car, nice price tag, people love it.  Yet the Makers of Car X are already working on the 2014 version.  The car will have many of the popular features, yet there will be some enhancements, improvements, the model will acquire new features that will make it even better.   No one said the 2013 was not good or good enough, what they said was we will give you a more UP TO DATE version which the customer will enjoy even more.
Therefore see change in your life in the same light.  You have been performing your job or certain tasks very well, therefore instead of thinking of how change can alter all you do, think of how change can enhance your capabilities, improve or sharpen your skills, acquire new talents or knowledge that will make you a stronger player.
Change is only bad when we see it as a threat!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

MS—My Story - Liz Pearl 2012

They never give up. They dream big and reach far.  They think positively and believe faithfully.  They love deeply.  They demonstrate courage, determination and gratitude.  They smile, laugh and sing. They rejoice and celebrate life. These are the inspiring voices of MS—My Story.

MS—My Story is an original collection of 25 inspirational MS voices. This unique collection includes personal stories from a range of individuals living with multiple sclerosis. The contributing authors include individuals with a variety of multiple sclerosis disease types.

In my work with individuals with complex, chronic and neurodegenerative conditions my clientele has included long-term care residents, patients in rehabilitation centers and members of the community, including more than a few individuals living with MS.  Often I have facilitated the rewarding and therapeutic process of creating and sharing personal narratives—both oral and written, with clients.  Several narratives have left everlasting impressions; articulating the universal messages of triumph over tragedy, harnessing the pain, living with purpose and the power of optimism.

As I began research in preparation for this publication, I was astounded with the quantity and impressed with the quality of blogs, websites, chat rooms and other social media forums available for sharing personal profiles, testimonies and experiences of living with MS, not to mention traditional-style support groups. The gamut of resources for patient education, expression and support are rapidly expanding. This discovery further reinforced my purpose in producing this collection of amazing stories as an illuminating resource for those living with MS as well as other chronic and disabling conditions.

Why publish this collection?

My vision is established upon the belief that a meaningful therapeutic process can be found within these pages.  I believe that telling, writing, reading and sharing personal experiences of living with MS, have tremendous transformative, therapeutic and healing potential.  Furthermore, these documented stories will provide comfort, support, hope and inspiration to the extended MS community and beyond.

The myriad effects of MS can be devastating in so many ways, to the individual as well as to their family.  Each experience is unique yet many common themes are described. The symptoms and disabilities may be temporary, long lasting or permanent.  Effects may include varied and multiple impairments to physical and mental health. The ripple effect may cause compounding functional disabilities, difficulties or crises to the individual and to their family. Certainly, these complex challenges can be faced in a multitude of ways with different attitudes depending upon many factors. This collection of inspirational voices demonstrates the astonishing—often miraculous human potential for recovery, strength, survival, growth and renewal in the face of disability or adversity such as multiple sclerosis.

Incredibly, the challenges, the losses, and the pain incurred by those living with MS often yield life-affirming rewards including: gratitude, love, compassion, friendship, creativity, humour, faith, glory, empowerment, enlightenment, personal growth, harmony and inner peace.

The authors in this collection include a range of remarkable individuals living with MS, including MS ambassadors, MS advocates, trailblazers, role models and ordinary heroes. Each author has a unique experience of living with MS and a distinctly inspirational voice delivered with clarity, humility, integrity and passion.

These essays include writing by individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Some contributing authors have either been published or have posted online previously and others have not. I am privileged to have had the wonderful opportunity of lending a helping hand in delivering their heartfelt stories.

I have been fortunate to collect from the participating authors, stories of determination, courage, and insight about living with the varied and complex challenges of MS. The authors describe personal experiences including reflections and wisdom about life with MS. Crafting the final drafts has been a creative and meaningful partnership process.

The contributing authors have been eager to participate in the therapeutic writing process and have supported the transformation of their stories into this publication. My hope is that these chronicled narratives will be a source of support and inspiration to many others within the MS community and beyond.

Liz Pearl




Eileen Gonzalez
Are you letting others keep you from pursuing your dreams? Are you letting their chatter keep you from trying new things? Look, many people that love us have our best interest in mind yet they are missing a key element. They are no expert on your life and they don’t understand our dreams, our purpose. Why should they?  It’s not their life to begin with!
Do yourself a favor, let them focus on their own lives, your job is to be clear on what it is you want and why. Get clear and stand your ground.  Your dreams deserve a chance and it is your job to make it happen.
Go for it! – Dream Big and Pursue those dreams with all your might.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eileen Gonzalez - Life Coach - My Purpose

I have the privilege to do what I love. There are times I go to bed really late, other times before I am out of bed I have clients from all over the world reaching out to me.  "Go to love the difference in time-zones"  Yet, I get out of bed with a mission.  I go to bed late with excitement knowing I accomplished something.  How many people get to say this? How many people feel that what they do for a living has purpose, meaning?

I know Nurses, Doctors, Firemen, Police Officers, Teachers feel the same way....Why?, because every day they go out and serve, they give their very best to others.  Yes, they do so as WORK, they get paid, yet their pay is short in comparison to their labor, to the service they provide.  I feel the same way.  I get to work from home, through Skype, phone, live chat and even online courses.......and at times I meet clients either in my home office or where convenient for them.  What do I do?  I encourage, empower, guide and equip my clients to pursue and achieve their goals.  How? Simple, I listen, I let them tell me the story, but not just the superficial story, the one we tell everyone.  I listen for the real story, the one that your eyes can tell, your body language, the emotion, the story that needs to be heard yet not everyone cares to hear.   I love what I do and I am blessed to get to share this journey with you.!services/c5ro

Business is CLOSED!

Pleasing others does not serve you or satisfy the needs of anyone.  The only thing that happens
is that someone feels used and most likely that is the person trying to please others.  Most likely YOU!

Let go of that bad habit, time to get out of that business, close the doors and don't look back.

Life is too short to live life pleasing others and trying to meet others expectations.  It's time
you get clear on what you want and DO SOMETHING about it.   Do it for deserve better!

Close down the doors of your People Pleasing Business and start living the life you were meant to live.!services/c5ro

When Misery is Comfortable by Connie Wyatt

When Misery is Comfortable

What if someone offered you a new life today? The life you’ve only dreamed of in the past? Would you accept it?

You’re probably thinking, “Duh, that’s a no brainer, of course I would.”

But if this is true, why do so many grovel in their perceived problems. Whining and complaining about everything, but not doing a thing to make it better? People who say they want a better life, but when a suggestion is made to get them on their way to that life, they self-sabotage themselves, by either not trying at all, or making a half-hearted effort only to give up before barely getting started.

Perhaps subconsciously they have a fear of success. “What if I’m successful, then what? I will have to take responsibility for my new life. Change habits, change routines, give up what has been comfortable to me in the past.”

They are comfortable in their present misery. They feel safe there. Their life is boring, but it isn’t scary. They don’t have to take risks. It’s much easier to complain than to take responsibility of fixing the problem.

We've all known these people, but I think even those of us who aren't so blatant about it have it in us to remain where we are. It’s just too scary to risk breaking free.

I’ve been there. I’m still fight it at times, but we can’t let fear control us. To live a full life takes risk and count on it, if you are going to be successful, you will fail! Now I don’t mean you will fail at being successful, you will fail at some point in doing what it takes to become successful. There is a big difference!

Ask any successful person you know if they have ever failed and they will tell you YES and probably they will tell you they have failed many times. Failure is but a stepping stone to success. If they had not failed their way to the top they would still be stuck at the bottom in their comfortable place of misery.

Let’s step out of our misery and into our fear and on to a full, purposeful life.

If you would like to partner with me to help you on your journey to that better life, I would love to hear from you.

Connie Wyatt

Friday, September 20, 2013

How I Started Writing by Joseph Verrilli

How I Started Writing

As a teenager I'd always wanted to be a writer. There were several writers I had great respect for, and my dream was to emulate them; to be LIKE them. I had dreams of becoming a famous writer, seeing my books on the shelves of bookstores; I even had dreams of being on the bestseller list, with books full of words that came from inside Me. I have not yet accomplished this dream yet I still pursue it as a dream without action is only a wish.

As an adolescent, teenager and even as an adult, I've struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence in myself. My particular environment while growing up didn't help matters any, didn't help me to overcome these conditions. It wasn't long until I ended up at a mental health clinic, in both individual and intensive group therapy. I talked and talked about my life, my problems, about everything that had been bothering me. And, inevitably,  holding me back.

My mentor, only a year older than me, helped me to get interested in many of the things that still interest me: among them, film and reading novels and esoteric poetry. He moved away, as fate would have it, but we kept in touch by letter and phone. He was a big influence on me. But he did something during the summer of 1990 that changed my life:

He wrote me a very angry letter, heavily criticizing me for doing nothing with the creativity he sensed lay dormant inside me. In the letter was a lot of name-calling and severe criticism of me as 'a lazy good-for-nothing.' (In later years he would tell me that he was only trying to motivate me. Well. It worked.)

I began writing poetry that summer, and I have to admit many of my early efforts were just awful! Sophomoric, terribly written. But I kept at it, attempting to improve as a poet and as a writer. By November of 1993, I had my first poem published in an alternative press magazine in Michigan. I stared and stared at the page on which my poem was featured. It felt like a dream, so hard to believe, but there it was, a poem of mine in print, which dozens or maybe a hundred or more people would be reading. It gave me a much-needed sense of accomplishment.

Through that publication I got to find out about other poetry journals, newsletters and magazines, and to correspond with an "underground" small press poet with quite a reputation among his peers. Through this correspondence I came into contact with several other poets and writers, most of whom gave me the same advice: do a lot of reading and writing-writing-writing until you find your writing "voice."

So that is how I proceeded. Writing some "bad poetry" at the very beginning is just part of the process: one has to start SOMEWHERE. Writing became, for me, something I couldn't live without! I depended on it heavily to express myself, writing about my life, experiences, dreams and loves. I was told that the harder I worked at this, the better at it I would become. I didn't feel so confident about that happening, but others did, and would compliment me. I'd gotten myself a "reputation," something I had always wanted, more than money.

The key, from my own experience, is to stay with something you love doing, keep at it, work at it and never give up.

by Joseph Verrilli
September 17, 2013

Make each moment count!

Life is meant to be lived by all
Opportunity is out there for all to take
Gifts were bestowed upon us to use

So what are you waiting for?  Do something, create something, leave your mark.
Make each moment count.....why? Cause you are here and you have a purpose to fulfill.!services/c5ro

Do something!

You can live a life with complaints or you can do something about it.   Choice is ultimately yours!!services/c5ro

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Defining your Goals comes with Clarity

In order to define our goals and create the life we dream of we need CLARITY.
We need to be clear in every aspect of our lives.  Why? Because something in one are of our lives can impact all the areas in our lives, it simply trickles over and leaves us feeling confused.

Ask yourself the following:
Am I living the life I envisioned?
Is this where I expected to be at this point of my life?
What is stopping me from getting where I need to be?
Are my fears or limitations real or am I giving them a life of their own?

I have created a course that will help you achieve the clarity you need.
In this course I will walk you step by step in the 4 initial steps of self improvement

 -  Clarity
 -  Forgiveness
 -  Belief
 -  Action

What can you expect from this course?  In this course you will gain awareness, understanding of why you have been doing the things in the way you do.  You will be empowered to take control of your life and make decisions according to your expectations not others.

At the end of this course you will have clearly defined your goals and you will have laid a strong foundation from where to get started on your journey to the life you always wanted to live.

Ready to get Started?
Ready to make a Change in your life?
Ready to RECLAIM control over your life?

If you answered YES - then this is your time and it starts by clicking below 

I am practically giving this away  at 49.00.  Why?, because I want everyone who is ready to make a change in their lives to get started.  What can keep you from starting today? hmmmm...let's see, might be the answer to the question?   ARE YOU READY? 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dam, that's an ugly hat!

Imagine a big ugly hat on your's ugly actually hideous but somehow you feel you must wear it. Why? Not even you know!
Imagine taking it, such a relief, right?

At times we carry our problems not just on our backs but on our head, its so heavy it spills over and blocks our view. The problems are already there and carrying them on your head or shoulders is not going to make them go away.

Take off the freaking hat....put down those problems.....
In order to see clearly you need to have a good view and in order to feel better, you got to get rid of that awful hat....

LOL - Take it OFF 

No offense to Hat lovers...

Running low on gas?

We tend to take daily chances in life yet many times we choose the risk of failing rather than the risk of success.  Why do we do this? Do we purposely sabotage ourselves?  Do we secretly enjoy causing chaos?
Think about this as you read below!

Imagine driving your car, you notice you are running very low on gas....You decide to drive a little further, you pass a gas station but you choose to keep going, you might just make it just a bit further, crossing your fingers and your toes you continue your journey. You know you need gas, you know you are awfully close but you are not ready to give in.

You are driving on fumes, the gas light has been on, you wonder can I make it a bit further?

Now you have to make a choice:

  •  Do I keep pushing it on luck risking to get stuck on the side of the road?
  •  Do I help myself and prevent being stranded by choice?

We do this everyday with ourselves, we have an opportunity to help ourselves but we choose to push it off, we leave it for tomorrow hoping that we still have time to prevent things from getting worse.

If you know in the back of your mind that there is something you need to do to improve your life, your time is RIGHT NOW. If you feel that things are not working as they should, your time is RIGHT NOW. If you know things should be and could be better, your time is RIGHT NOW.

Choosing to wait is choosing to RISK or DELAY the quality of life you deserve and could have.

Who do we hurt by choosing to ignore our needs?!services/c5ro

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walking backwards?

If we were meant to walk backwards our eyes and feet would have been re-positioned
Stay focused move forward

Monday, September 9, 2013

Negative, who me? NAH!

Earlier today I asked, "If we know we are negative why don't we change?" From all the posts today, I kept revisiting the responses to that one as "negativity" is something that I really would like to help solve.

For so many like myself "negativity" does not just happen, we are born into it, raised by it, taught by it and sometimes we marry into it.

Some have been tainted from the moment they came into this world, while others got tainted later in life. Regardless of when and how, they endure invisible scars that alter how they see life.

Negativity is not something we can change by wishing for it, it's skin deep. It affects our psyche, how we interact with others, how we look at our future, it affects our relationships with our families and friends and sometimes it simply alienates us from everyone.

When we become negative sometimes we might be drawn to those like us and we feel compassion or comfort in those that are negative. However for some they might completely shut down and stay away from others, feel no compassion as after all "no one feels compassion for them".

Negativity is deep rooted and hurts, yet negativity can be changed. It takes much effort and a decision to change our course of life. This will require a shift in our focus and a new set of habits. Habits that will allow us to get in control of those emotions that bring us down.

  • Getting clear on our lives (Past, Present & Future)
  • Setting up Check Points throughout our day
These are steps that can help us begin a shift from negative to positive. It will take time....but it can be done

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Are you going in circles?

Do you find yourself going in circles while trying to reach your goals? You start out with a plan yet somewhere along the line things start getting complicated and moving forward just seems impossible.

If you answered yes to this.....this workbook is meant for you..., this workbook will help guide you through this process of clarity and change.

If you are tired of hitting roadblocks and finding yourself going in circles.....then you need to get started right now. This year is not over yet and we have plenty of time to get you refocused on your goals.!services/c5ro

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Job Security, Really????

  • Are you secure in your JOB? 
  • Are you doing what you LOVE to do?
  • Are you BUSY creating better or BUSY simply getting by?
  • Have you or Anyone you know been a victim to OUTSOURCING?
Let's face it, you can kiss away JOB SECURITY. You can try to not teach others what you know thinking that will guarantee you a job yet at the end you are just a number. You will be employed as long as they have a need or as long as they can AFFORD to have that need.

So, what's next?
Do you wait for your time to be up, or do you start preparing now?

You think learning new things is tough? You think you don't have the time?
Well let's see what you think when you are OVER QUALIFIED for the under paying jobs out there. Let's see when you are forced to take a job you hate just because you have no other options.  Let's see when you are forced to work two jobs just to come out even or simply GET BY!

It's not circumstances that create our future, its our DECISIONS!
It's your Future......It's your Choice!