Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enough with Excuses

We sometimes feel cheated out in life. Someone else always seems to get the things they want. I mean, if only we could have some of their luck, right? Well, it might seem that way yet how about if we looked at what those people do. Coul...d it be they are more determined, more focused, more willing to do what needs to be done, could it be they just want success more than we do?

God or the Universe did not select a few to do good and then wished the rest of us luck. We were all given the same opportunities…..Don’t tell me that you live in a ghetto neighborhood, or that you live in a trailer park or that your Dad works three jobs just to be broke or that you learn slower than others. WE all have issues….we all have a story to tell and a million reasons why not to try. Yet we have one reason to get up and say “ENOUGH with EXCUSES”…..and that is that we deserve better. Maybe you need to work the three jobs to get through school, maybe you need to walk 2 hours to find a bus, maybe you need to study all night and get tutors to understand the material, maybe you need to overcome your fears…..but it’s all worth it.

Your parents situation does not define you. If your parents were broke, then use their experience to NEVER BE BROKE….use that experience as a motivator to want more. If your neighborhood is full of drugs and hard times, don’t give in….instead use that as a motivator to get out and do what others did not.

It’s your life we are talking about…..you can choose to work hard and win or live with excuses and blame the world for what you did not do.

It’s a choice people….I have had millions of reasons to throw my hands in the air and give up….but guess what, I chose to move forward. I chose to do so without the answers and as I continue to move forward I still continue to face new challenges. I do so yes at times with fear, yet my desire to achieve better is greater than my fear. It’s up to me….It’s up to me to get to the next step. Nobody is going to make it happen for me, they can’t…I am my own person, I am responsible for my life, I am responsible for my next step. Will I do good, I do not know but I do know I will move forward no matter what.

Let’s drop all the excuses and hold on to the one reason that makes us give it our all. You deserve better….we all do!


Sunday, February 10, 2013



I still get a lot of questions on this topic and I thought I would take a couple of minutes to share my
 experience with you.

It’s been over 4½ years since my journey began. For me it all began with the book the Secret. I had been attracted to this book by changes I had seen in a co-worker. I was very skeptical yet I knew one thing and that was my life “sucked”.

I read that ...book several times, and I found that as great as it was it also left me hungry for more answers. I began searching for other authors and began doing the exercise’s suggested in their books. I was a student…..I needed to learn to get to know WHO I WAS?

My journey to self-discovery was not easy. Change did not happen overnight and honestly, I still had many tears to cry throughout this journey. I found that getting clear meant facing the ugly truth, my demons. I would have to face them, identify and challenge them. I had to become strong when I felt weak. How did I do this? I was determined. I knew my life needed to change and I knew there was nothing good waiting for me if I turned back. I had only one direction and that was forward.

It took 3½ years for my first transformation to occur. I had wanted to die, I wanted to be released from my torture yet in my darkest moments I found GOD. I found myself, I felt hope and I felt his mercy. For some, GOD does not exist, however in my life he is part of my journey. Transformation to me was like a flip of a switch, one moment my room was dark and the other there was light. I could see what had always been there before me and I could understand that which was not clear to me. It was like I had woken up from a bad dream with a purpose. I did not have all the answers and yet I was not afraid…..it felt as if I were in control of my life for the first time.. I knew in my heart that as long as I continued pushing forward the answers I needed would be made clear to me.

One thing I want to make clear to anyone looking to embark on their own journey or to anyone already in this process, it is not easy. You will be challenged and you will feel fear. Yet this is the most magnificent journey of your life. You will discover the greatness in you. Therefore hang on to this bumpy ride because it is well worth it.

I have been in this journey for over 4 years and there are days I wake up with fear, doubts and challenges. Yet I also wake up with determination and faith thus I challenge those negative feelings. I say “BRING IT ON”. You see in my mind, my God did not give me fear, thus that must be the enemy. If the enemy wants to hold me back, well then he must be prepared to work Overtime, cause this girl is not backing down. I am in this journey to win, not to be held back or defined by others or by events.

Recently I have experienced my second transformation in which I made life changing decisions. When I look back I remember not having the courage and now I look and think “how could I not have the courage”. We are here to fulfill a purpose in life, therefore we need to get clear on what that is. We need to be able to achieve it and we need to strive to become the best version of ourselves as possible.

I am a work in progress and this journey of 4½ years is still getting started. I am open to change and I am welcome to getting to learn everything about me. I am open to working and learning from others and helping them too find their glimpse of hope. I have learned that this is what fulfills me. There is no amount of money in the world that can compete with the feeling of knowing I can help someone find hope, courage and the will to move forward.

Don’t ever give up on yourself, you are here for a reason and the faster you get clear the faster you will be living the life meant for you.