Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolution……..

We all make new year’s resolution and unfortunately somewhere along the line either we give up or lose focus of our goals. Why does this happen? Is it because we are not clear on what we want or is it that we do not have the proper motivation?

Sometimes we need a little push in the right direction, unfortunately sometimes that little push comes in the form of RED ALERTS:

· Results of your medical indicating some level is high

· Feeling tired often from lack of exercise

· Catching your breath from excess smoking

· Tired of being broke due to mismanagement of your money

Red alerts can do the trick but they can also add stress to an already bad situation. How great if we could just envision the life we want and just set the goals NOW while we are healthy, while things are still good. The motivation would not be urgency but it would be to live the dream, your dream. There is no reason to wait to be told your bank account is low to start saving, there is no reason to be told your cholesterol is high to work out and eat right. We can prevent certain things from happening and we do it by getting clear of the life we want to live and by taking control and staying the course. 

What is your 2013 New Year’s resolution and what will you do to achieve it? Let’s not just say “lose weight”, let’s set a target, timeline dress size, pant size…..let’s get clear. Let’s not just say “not be broke”, let’s set a target, when to pay off excess bills, how much emergency money to save and by when…..let’s get clear. Let’s not say for 100th time “stop smoking”, get yourself on a program, monitor your progress, get a “stop smoking buddy”, get clear on why you want to do it. Is it to live longer and do so with HEALTH?, Enjoy your grandchildren?, or simply feel free……whatever your reason is, get clear on the why and commit to doing it.

Resolutions are not about others……it’s not about meeting someone else’s expectation it’s about you…’s about you living the life you feel inside that you deserve.   

What is your new year’s resolution and what will you do to achieve it?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Are you the roadblock?

There is only one person that can stop me.....and that is ME 
However that won't be a problem because I plan to stay out of my way!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steps to Self- Discovery According to Me

When I first got started on my journey I was not thinking of how to get started or what steps to follow,  I only knew one thing.   I knew that my life had to change, I was tired of living or better yet, I was tired of just existing.  Does that sound familiar?

When I look back at my journey I realize that Honesty to myself was one of the first most important steps......why honesty?  Well because sometimes we live in denial.   We prefer to point fingers at others rather than take responsibility for how we think, speak and act.   When you become honest with yourself, you remove yourself from the "victim" mentality and move toward reclaiming your life. 

So let's begin this exercise with HONESTY! - can you do that?

Steps to self-discovery:

  • Acknowledge your past mistakes  -  this is not about focusing on why you make mistakes,
                         this is about identifying what you need to work with and understanding
                         your role. 
  • Forgiveness -  this is not about forgetting the past, instead its about releasing yourself and
                         others from past mistakes.   If your pain is about a failed relationship,
                         forgiveness is not a way to salvage a relationship as some relationships
                         might be over.  However its about releasing yourself from the
                         resentments and about finding the strength and energy to move on.   If your
                         pain is about your personal mistakes, its about understanding none of us are
                         perfect and that its not about not making mistakes, its about learning from
                         them and being better.    
                         ******We can't move on with resentment in our hearts!
  • Community -  Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on, support you on your
                         quest to becoming a better version of yourself.  A coach, mentor, minister,
                         priest or someone you love and admire.  We need to connect with people that
                         want to see us improve in life according to our needs not their vision!
  • Journal -        You can begin with simple questions such as:
          • Who am I?
          • What do I really believe and why?
          • If no one could stop me, if nothing got in my way, what would I really want in life?
          • Why do I act as I do?
                               These are just some questions you can ask however as you get started you
                               will come up with some questions which have been in the back of your mind
                               for some time.
                               The key to the journal is that you should revisit your questions every day until
                               you feel in your heart without a doubt that the answers you provided are
                               correct for you.    This exercise will help you get clear on who you are or
                               want to be and what you want to achieve.
  • Challenge yourself - Hold yourself accountable
          • Set goals
          • Set time line's
          • Track your progress
                                 Treat this like a job, however knowing this is your life!

Getting clear on who we are is not easy as you will have to face some ugly truth about how we think, speak, act and most importantly we will need to challenge what we are willing to do.  

We need to understand that we are a work in progress, therefore as we head out on this journey, we might make mistakes, come across some bumps on the road yet we need to have courage to move forward.  We will do this, because we deserve better, we are worth the time and effort we spend to develop ourselves.