Friday, May 31, 2013

Right Now is YOUR moment!

Undergoing Change

It’s funny because as I contemplate my life and the changes I am undergoing, I can’t help but wonder where these changes will take me? I have uncertainty yet I also have excitement. I am excited to learn where I am headed, excited to learn new things and find out how far I can go. Excited to meet new people and see new places. Excited to push past old mental limitations that at one time kept me hostage. I don’t know what the future will bring or how. I don’t know how soon or how long it will take me to reach my goals, yet I know that I am excited and ready to push myself in this new phase of my life.

Why am I so excited?
I am excited because I finally understand my worth and that I am here to do more than I ever dared imagine. I am excited because I am done settling for less than I deserve and finally have a voice that is being heard.

It's not about having all the answers, it's about feeling the fear and still being open to change. It's about understanding there is more to life than what we see and hear. It's about being willing to explore your full potential and creating the life you envisioned for yourself and your family.

I have much uncertainty at this time, yet the excitement outweighs any doubts.

Focus on the Message, not the Messenger

When you seek counseling from someone, regardless of what role the person plays in your life, you should be listening to the message you receive. The message should be what you put your faith on, not who is delivering it. I find that God will use anyone to speak to those with faith, thus you put your faith in the message. That person delivering the message is flawed, just like you and I. He might be dealing with challenges or situations that do not make him capable of helping you or
others, yet God can communicate to you through him.  If you have stopped going to church due to an experience with a person, regardless of whether he represents the church, remember that you
came to church to hear the word of God, and your faith should only be in God and in his word. Nothing else matters. If your mentor whom you respect does something wrong, that makes you rethink what he or she has taught you. Rather than disregard all you learned, you need to analyze the situation and use it as just another lesson in life. You take the lessons for the value they provide, regardless of the flaw on the person who delivered it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Think like an Intern!

Internships are great for college students as it allows them to gain experience for the services they
render. However this is also a great opportunity for adults that at some point want to change careers. I am not suggesting to quit your job and go learn for free. Yet you can volunteer to do work, work close with a mentor, gain new experiences that you can add to your resume or portfolio. Many of us come to a crossroads in our live in which we realize we have worked all our lives doing things we were not fully happy doing or sometimes that job you love is outsourced and you find it harder and harder to find work doing what you know. Therefore re-inventing yourself is sometimes the only option. Doors will not just open if you have no experience however if you go out and create that solid experience it will surely help you in your journey. Think internship, think of ways to market yourself for the compensation of experience. It will go a long way and helping you redirect your path.


2013 is my transition year!

I lead by example.

You might not agree with all I say or all I do in life and that is OK. Yet I do what I say…..

When I tell you things can be done, it’s because I like many of you face challenges and I simply choose to move forward. Life was not meant to be easy and things are not going to fall from the sky and fall gently by my side for my quick view and use. I will have to get creative in life. I need to get clear on what I want, feel I deserve and commit to pursuing it. That means in some degree re-invent myself. I will need to create the opportunities as not all will be readily available for me. Getting clear on what I want in life opened my eyes to the need of getting busy doing vs. wishing. Therefore I chose to re-invent myself. What do I mean by this? Years ago I had visions of what I wanted yet I did not have the courage or means to pursue it. I saw it as a distant dream and simply stored them in the collection of dreams to never be folder in my mind. Yet as I became clear on what I wanted and why I wanted them, I realized it’s really up to me. I might not have the experience I need but guess what, I can get that experience. I can get involved, I can learn from those that do, and I can gain the knowledge I need to reach those goals. It won’t be easy, but it can be done…I just have to want it BAD ENOUGH!

Today I sit here typing and I take a quick look at my life. I began 2013 thinking this was my year yet I never expected that 2013 would take me in so many directions. Divorce, unemployment, re-modification of home, etc.
I can tell you a million reasons why my life can suck…..but I don’t feel that way. I honestly have uncertainty but a whole lot of excitement. I have questions, yet I feel at peace. So much peace that I can look at my situation and understand what my job is… job is to work on my goals. It’s to take a leap of faith and PURSUE those goals with everything I have. My job is to find that door and push it wide open. I was listening to Joel Osteen yesterday and he said something that struck me….. “God does not want to hear how much faith you have, he wants to see it”. WOW… do I show it? I show it by doing. I show it by taking chances. I show it by not letting challenges rob me of my peace and by staying clear headed so I can go out and create the life I was meant to live.

Life can be challenging but we have the tools we need to get through it. If you are reading this message and interested and reading on….you know that you want to change your life as well. You feel inside that there is more to life and you want to achieve it.

I am facing challenges at this time and maybe for the next several months. Yet this is just part of

my journey. I do believe that 2013 is my year, yet it is a year of transition. You see, sometimes for us to reach our full potential we need to get rid of the things that hold us back. Think of it as a tree full of leaves. Now picture grabbing the tree by the trunk and shaking it so hard that the weak leaves fall off. When you are done, all the leaves that remain are the leaves that were strong, the leaves that were full of life. I am being shaken like that tree. I am just being released of all that held me back not because it was all bad but because it was not part of my journey to who I need to be.

You might not agree with everything I say or do…..but know that when I tell you that you can overcome your challenges it’s because I know what it is to face uncertainty and I know what it feels like to choose to push forward.   I am not where I need to be yet I am well on my way and it began with a choice, my choice to change and become the person I wanted to be.

I have had people ask me how to become strong?, how to get courage?. My answer each time is and will always be, “by pushing on….you are not born strong and courageous, it’s your actions, its pushing past your fears that will make you strong and courageous.