Sunday, June 14, 2015

The China Cabinet

When I was a young girl I remember my Mom would save her best china for the guests....she would store them in her China Cabinet. It was beautiful and she kept it sparkling clean. She loved how it just displayed everything in an elegant way. I always found it annoying because I thought I was better than the guest. LOL I thought; " I want to use those fancy plates all the time". Of course, I didn't, I knew better!
Why is this post relevant to me right now? Well because GOD has bestowed upon each and every one of us gifts, talents, potential and a purpose. Yet MANY of us go about life with those talents stored away. Some know they have them and they boast of what they can do but for some reason they don't - think China Cabinet. While others prefer to think of such as a dream that just can't ever come to fruition.
Think of this if you dare......Why the hec would GOD bestow upon us a vision if He knew we could not achieve it? Why in the world would GOD waste a talent on us if we did not possess the ability to bring it to life.
Stop storing those gifts, start living the life you are meant to live by WALKING IN FAITH and that starts by knowing GOD gave these to you and believing you can do more than you've done so far!
By the good china is for everyday use by everyone!