Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make this your year!

Where are you with your goals?
Are you any better than you were when you first defined such goals?
Are you feeling frustrated, wondering why you lack motivation?

We can't make up for the time lost but we can get the skills we need RIGHT NOW to take 2014 by storm. How? It starts with CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, ACKNOWLEDGMENT.  It begins with the ability of letting go of the frustration, the pain and defining the life we want to create.

I can help you, we can do this together.
I can help you but you will need to be ready to work.!services/c5ro


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spring Ahead, Fall Back By: Irene Kabot

Irene Frances Kabot
As Autumn arrives, we fall back, starting our preparation for another spring. It is time to go deep, deep into the earth, deep into ourselves. Who are we? Who do we wish to have “spring ahead” in 6 months when the earth shifts yet again.       

The trees easily, graceful and beautifully let go, back off and rest. While on the other side of the world the energy shifts, to rise up into other trees that bloom with the scent of new life. If we don’t stop or slow down how can we regroup?  

How can we allow the new energies to be shifted to us? Sometimes we have to let go to grow, let go to go forward. 

Once at a Project Adventure workshop where the multi-level initiatives and challenges are meant to, at some point, bring you to a life lesson, I found myself 20 feet in the air on a horizontal telephone pole. There were hanging vines dangling at different distances to assist me in my crossing, which was the goal.  

As I let go of one I could just stretch and reach the other. Until…I got to the one that I couldn't reach.  I stopped, froze and couldn't go forward. Then someone below called, “Commit! You can’t go forward if you don’t commit and let go of the one you a holding on to”! It made sense. I chose to commit. The idea of living my life on a log 20 feet up in the air was not my dream; also backing down was not an option. I took a deep breath let go, took 2 steps and…no, I did not fall, I caught the next rope! And the weird thing was that it was not difficult. The idea was difficult, the action was easy. After I committed it was done.  I commit to being me. 

During this time to “fall back” what will you commit to? What will you let go of when it is time to “spring forward”? It may come sooner than you think but it will never get here if you don’t commit.  This week, I had to own that I am sensitive; not just I cry easily at stuff, cause I do, sensitive. But that I feel things, I see things and I know things that not everyone else knows.         

I have wanted to start a business. I have wanted to work with the sensitive children, the Indigo's for lack of a better term. I have wanted to affirm for them that they are OK even though they may be different. Let them know that they are supposed to be different and that they are loved and appreciated and required here at this time. I have wanted to help them feel better about themselves.  

We teach what we need to learn most.     

I took this “coaching class” with a very capable, insightful man.  He is very well regarded and respected.   
During the class, I did very well with sharing who I am and what my strengths were but when he suggested that from a business perspective my client base was small and I would do better to be more practical in my addressing the general population of children and their parents and that I should write a business plan for the general population. I froze. I couldn't commit. I couldn't go forward. I then got resentful and angry, all the while watching myself from afar saying, “Why am I acting like this? I took this class to get my business started. 

Why am I balking once again?”

I heard myself agreeing with this coach whose job was to assist me in fulfilling my life’s dream and even heard myself calling myself, “airy fairy” because I could not ground down and write this plan. I felt I could not commit. (This is where I gave away my power).   

I went into defensive mode and it was a good thing I did. I do not wish to commit to something I am not.  I do not wish to commit to something less than I am.  For me to have put into writing a plan that was not about who I have 
waited this long to be, my “soul” protested!     

Yes I need to commit, I need to let go of the fear and I need to commit to the sensitive person I am, who loves more than anything to be so deeply connected to people, that I know things about them others don’t know and sometimes things about them, they themselves don’t yet know. I AM that I AM, I always have been. But I can’t go forward with a plan to help others be who they came to be; when in that same minute I am not being who I came to be. 
So I do need to “fall back”, regroup. I have started already to commit to who I AM. I will not fall! I will catch the next rope! After the commitment the action is easy.  

Regroup! Commit! Spring ahead!

What will you commit to?

Going Home

Tracy Wasem
"No coffee?" I whined while staring at the obviously empty pot and shelf. "The Circle K is finished, Tracy" Brian stated while giving me a kiss while heading out to work at the hospital.
Brian, an ICU nurse had tended to me three years ago while I was hospitalized 32 days for a ruptured appendix. The Near Death Experience happened while my heart stopped on the operating table twice. The event would leave me a spiritual person. One that wanted to know more about Jesus and God and understand what I had seen when clinically dead.

The morning was still dark, and the clock read 5:30 am as I buckled my seat belt and thought of how aromatic the Hazelnut coffee was at Circle K. I flipped the radio on to my favorite classic rock station My old Camaro Berlinetta was charcoal grey with red interior and a huge t-top roof.  I turned left at the intersection of a small road which ran North and South in front of our favorite park. I was behind a white sports car with a bumper sticker that read "My second car is a Porche" Heading North , suddenly a familiar spiritual voice shouted with authority TURN RIGHT...NOW! I could literally feel a presence grabbing my hands to turn the wheel right. I slammed on the breaks and turned right causing my car to swing 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the way I had been traveling. My pulse was rapid then I heard "Thump, Squeak, Thud, Boom"  the sickening sounds of a terrible car crash.
I turned to look in back of me,  the white sports car that I had been following was  crumpled and crushed like a used aluminum soda can under the front grill of a semi truck. Clearly, the semi had swung over the yellow line and hit the car head on! My turn had prevented me from slamming into the deadly crash. If I had turned left or kept straight I would have been dead too. No question of that.

 Quickly, I pulled my car over and off the road even though I was on the wrong side of the street. I barely remember the 911 call I made. The semi truck driver scooted out of the passenger side of the big rig. He was crying and shaking and clearly in shock. The fire department, police, paramedics filled the small street within minutes. The man driving the white sports car was deceased stuck between the front grill and what had been the dashboard of his car. The Jaws of Life were of no use even though they were tried. He was eventually  covered in a large off white tarp draping the car. He was going to be towed with the vehicle. It was all they could do to pull it away from the trucks death grip.

I prayed for the stranger who had lost his life in seconds. I knew he was being called home. The place I had traveled to of unconditional love and acceptance. I thanked God for sparing my life again and the spiritual friend who warned me to turn. He calls all of us when it is our time. On that cold morning it was his turn to return home. I asked God to heal his family  Remembering that important phrase that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live your life well and always give praise to the creator of all.

Tracy Wasem

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Virus - Yikes!

"VIRUS" such an ugly word right?

We hear the word virus and our radar goes up. We are careful not to touch, share, be around, we want to spray everything to kill any germs. Why? Well for one, it can be contagious and we want NO PART OF IT. The last thing we want is bring it home to our loved ones, right? Viruses are NASTY....not only can those suckers spread, they take a toll in our bodies, there invasive and damaging.

Well you might be wondering why I am talking about viruses. 

Negativity is as bad as a VIRUS.
It takes hold of you, invades your thoughts, your words, your actions. It cripples you, it makes you feel less than a person, uncertain, weak. It makes you second guess everything and everyone. It's also spreads among friends, co-workers and when you bring it home, it can impact those you love most.

Negativity is not something we should be proud of, we need to treat it like a virus, attack it and find the cure. It's not enough to admit we are negative, we need to do something about it. We need to ensure we are not dealing with it , spreading it or being drawn into it.

If you are feeling the symptoms of NEGATIVITY..
Don't just smile and cave into it, stand up and rise against it.

Montauk Point

Montauk Point:

Here I am in jeans standing in the water letting the waves splash against me.  As each splash hits my pants, I smile as I feel its strength, I feel the push and pull of the ocean.   I love feeling the water pull away from me as I can feel it drain me from all negativity.  I feel the pull and I give thanks to God as I feel all that does not belong in my life be flushed away.   The beauty of the water lifts my spirits while the scent fills me with promise of better to come.  I am standing in the water looking around and enjoying the cool breeze, it's spectacular, fresh and full of opportunity.  As I step a bit further I watch as the water continues to come in and pull away, with each pull it washes the sand leaving it renewed.

Renewed is a good word, it is exactly how I feel. I walked away a bit more to take pictures of those fishing and as I felt the sand through my toes, it felt soft, cool and was perfect like silk.

Montauk Point has the vibe of Key West, its a little town surrounded by water. Every where you drive, every corner you turn into will lead you to more water. Many seafood restaurants, very calm, very peaceful. It is easy to live there, away from it all, always seeing new people as people come to get away of it all.

With Every Pull of the Waves we are Flushed  from our Negativity

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trouble will Come....Problems will Arise

When we set out to create a better life for ourselves, we WILL encounter resistance. There is no way around it. Trouble will come, challenges will rise and you might even encounter total overwhelm or confusion! So HOW do we deal with this? I have spent the past 5 years on self-development, changing how I view life, how I think, how I speak, how I act; all in my search for better - to fulfill my PURPOSE.

I will show you how…..are you ready? If you are, I am too!
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Order your copy today!  Take charge and bring the change you want in your life.

Friday, October 11, 2013

This message might be for YOU

You might be feeling as everyone turned their back on you. You might feel like you have failed and everyone looks at you as a failure. You might be wondering why you are even here, what's the point?

I am here to tell you that everything that you have experienced even though it hurt you, it's been part of the molding process. You were meant for much more. You are not a failure, you simply made some bad choices. You are not less than anyone, you are a perfect creation with a purpose to fulfill.

Those around you might feel bad for your pain, they don't understand how to reach you, yet its not your mistakes that worry them, its how you view yourself that has them uneasy.

Look at yourself in the mirror and stare into your eyes. Your eyes have seen so much, yet there is more to see. You have cried tears of pain, yet you are about to change it all.

This is your time....your pain was preparing you to be strong. Your failures where teaching you how to live. Your loneliness was teaching you that you are never truly alone.

Pick yourself up, this is your time, your past does not define you just as mine did not define me. We shall rise higher than ever before, stronger than ever, wiser than ever. Why? Because we are here to fulfill our purpose and our job is not done yet.

God bless you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

U R in Creation Mode!


At times we don’t think of ourselves as being creative, we simply see ourselves as getting by.   The truth is we get creative on a daily basis be it consciously or unconsciously.  Even those moments of “getting by” require us to think fast – creativity.  

Knowing this, can you imagine if we could purposely choose to be creative?  Can you imagine what life would look like if we chose to not allow circumstances to dictate our lives?  Instead we could envision the life we want and create the opportunities that will allow us to enjoy the life of our dreams.

Sounds good right?  Yet how do we do this?  How do we create such a life?