Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alone in the Storm!

When things go bad, when things seem to spin out of control, you can be surrounded by people yet you feel alone. You don't hear their voices, you only hear the sounds of fear. When things go wrong, the words, "hang in there" are of little comfort.

Why? Because when we are in our darkest, all we see is darkness. All we hear are the voices of pain calling our name. All we sense is horror. When we are at our lowest it does feel like we are alone, yet we are not.. Yet in order to know this we need to silence our mind and dig deep within. That is where we find our God.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The End of Childhood- by: Willy Nywening

Chapter 1

He had never seen the nightgown she was wearing. Delicate lace covered her neck and extended from the sleeves to cover part of her hands. White satin ribbons tied in soft bows added an exquisite touch. The fabric was white cotton, starched and stiffened. Its beautiful simplicity unsettled him and he wondered why he had never noticed it before.

“Mama,” he murmured. He yanked himself free of his sister’s hand and rushed toward the box. “Mama, wake up.”

“No, Jamie, no,” she moaned, but it was too late.

He arched over the casket to embrace his mother. Her face was ashen and grey. The cold clammy feel of her skin snapped him to the reality of her death. His bright blue eyes darkened. The tears dammed up behind them threatened, yet refused to break loose. He took a breath and straightened himself. He knew his mother. He loved his mother. This was not his mother.

Her wedding ring was missing. Her hair was forced back from her face; no soft, stray curls framed it the way they did when she was busy working. Her mouth, taunt and dour, could not sing the sweet lullabies she had sung to soothe the hardness of life. Her long slender fingers were clasped in an unfamiliar, stern form. Like her face, they were the color of death. They were not the kind, soft hands that had cradled his face, had comforted and blessed him.

A severe hand planted itself on his shoulder. He stiffened, sensing its intent.

“Be a man now, Jamie. Let the others have a look.” The words, like his hands, were firm and demanding. Any contradiction would be futile. Jamie complied only because he knew his mama would expect it.

“Sometimes we just go through the motions, Jamie. God understands and will make it up, someway, somehow,” Uncle John declared in a judicious voice.

He heard Mama’s voice whispering and he stepped back submissively. He would be good, but not for God – for her. He had watched her retreat so many times that now he was able to do what she had done, to withdraw within himself to a place of solace that allowed no trespassers. With his feelings securely fenced there, he could feel the comfort of her touch; he could permit himself to go through the motions.

He stepped back and stood silently next to his sister Martha and his Uncle John. The realization dawned on him that he had never before been a visitor in this room. Often he had helped Mama carry cleaning supplies here, but he had never had an official reason to be here. The room was always sterile and sealed. Only exclusive occasions allowed entry – the minister’s visits, special guests, weddings and of course funerals. It occurred to him that his mother had spent countless hours cleaning and polishing here. At least it looks nice for her now, he thought. He wondered who would purify the room now that she was gone.

The drawn, heavy, velvet drapes gave the room a dark, somber feeling. He knew Mama had loved the sunshine and wouldn’t have approved. He inspected his surroundings in the dim light. It looked smaller than he remembered. The furniture was sparse. Two high backed chairs were covered in dark fabrics that had once boasted a tapestry of colors. It was obvious that time had long since dulled the intricate patterns. He remembered sitting on the matching sofa once when Mama had played the piano. It was the central piece of furniture in the room. Polished mahogany housed the instrument. The ivory keys, yellow with age, had seldom been touched in the past years. The red book of Sunday School hymns was open to the last song she had played for him, “Amazing Grace.” She had sung it with a sweet clear voice that made the words come alive. Now she was dead. The penetrating sound of the music echoed through his ears. The melody had turned rancid and bitter.

When he remembered pulling out one of the tufted buttons on the sofa, the worried look on her face came back to him. She had scolded him and quickly pushed it back, hoping it wouldn’t be noticed, but it didn’t look the same. He saw it now sticking up and wanted to yank it from its base. He longed to pull out all the buttons from their sockets and let them know that what was happening was unjust. Instead, he did what was expected, standing straight and tall.

Two slender white candles burned in buffed brass candlestick holders. They stood erect on the piano; the light flickered and glowed with little interest, like soldiers marching joylessly to the beat of a cheerless drummer. On a walnut table next to the sofa, the light of a small hurricane lamp flickered, casting obscure shadows on the wall. He watched it earnestly, trying to decode the strange language of light. It mesmerized him.

The simple, pine casket sat on the seats of two plain kitchen chairs in the middle of the darkened room, in front of the white stone fireplace. No fire had warmed its hearth for many seasons. The mantle was bare, except for a delicate china vase that stood alone and empty. It looked undressed; there were no flowers to adorn its white milky skin. His Mama loved flowers.

Wrapped in their best black finery, the visitors came forward to greet the family. They retreated and stood at arm’s length, as if afraid to come in contact with the curse that had robbed Esther of her life. For two hours the family stood, receiving the well-intentioned mourners. Few spoke to him or to his sister, Martha, directly. They clicked their tongues and patted his head, muttering obligatory condolences that he neither required nor understood. Martha responded with polite thanks, but Jamie could only stare mutely from the hushed, inside place where he hid. He saw the scene as if watching it through a peephole in the wall. In the vignette that unfolded, he surveyed himself standing emotionless and rigid next to his sister. One fussing matron enticed him to expose his sorrow. She crushed him with hugs, wanting him to feel her sadness, wanting him to expose his grief. He veiled his misery in a fa├žade of courage as she broke into a loud lament, protesting his apparent lack of feeling. He would always remember the smell of mothballs intertwined with perspiration.

Martha rescued him by gently pulling him away. She took his hand, “Jamie, it’s time to say goodbye.”

“Go Jamie,” Aunt Lydia’s voice spoke softly. “Pay your last respects to your mother.”

Martha led him again to the head of the coffin. She bent over, kissed her mother goodbye and wept silently. Jamie touched her stone cold hand, remembering the last time she had held his face. He saw himself sitting on her bed; was it possible that it was only a day ago? She had cupped her hands around his face, had looked deep into his eyes to take her leave.

“Don’t be sad for me, Jamie,” she said. “It’s time for me to go home to be with your father.”

“No, Mama, don’t leave us,” he had cried.

“Jamie, remember to love God, to be good and to work hard. Promise me.” The pleading in her voice made it impossible for him to refuse.

“Yes Mama, I promise,” he said kissing her cheek, stroking her hair lightly.

“Martha,” she whispered with her last breath, “take care of your brother.”

The rest of the day was a blur in his memory. He retained only snippets of images from the funeral: the warmth of the spring sun hitting his face, the dandelions that bloomed in the cemetery and a robin that sang in the old maple tree as they lowered her casket into the ground. Later it occurred to him that they were the kinds of details she would have noticed. The things she would have pointed out to him as they went for a walk.

Martha tucked him into bed that night. She looked into his eyes, but they were blank. She knew he didn’t hear the words she spoke to comfort him, so she wrapped him in her mother’s shawl hoping that it would soothe his pain. There was no comfort for her either. She tried to rock him the way Esther had done, searching desperately for some solace for both their spirits.

Jamie could not tell her that her arms were like salve on his wounds, that the smell of his mother’s essence bandaged the hole in his heart. He could not weep openly, afraid that the tears caged in his body would turn to screams. He breathed deeply, inhaling her lingering fragrance, feeling her closeness. There were so many unsaid things, so many unanswered questions and so many untold stories. In the silence, there was only the throbbing, wordless pain of emptiness.

The two children huddled in the bed. They slept fitfully, hibernating like scared cubs fearful of the realities that daylight would bring. Even in sleep, they were afraid to let go of each other, perhaps sensing that the end of sleeping would also be the end of their childhood.

© Willy Nywening

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Are we influenced?

Eileen Gonzalez - Life According to Me
Are we influenced?

We sometimes don’t even realize how influenced we are. We believe that we are in control of our thoughts, we have defined ourselves yet we haven’t.  Much of how we think, speak and act has been ingrained in us from our early years.  We have been taught it, observed it & copied it.  It has become our way of life; to the point that we will even defend it, no matter if we can’t explain it.  The “whatever”, or the “what’s wrong with you”, etc. might show up when we have nothing to say.  Why is this? Well, it’s quite simple, we believe it and if we believe it, it must be true.  The last thing we want to accept or hear is that we have been thinking, speaking and acting incorrectly. The mere thought of it, changes everything. 

You don’t believe this? Sounds impossible?  Well, check this out because this might have happened to you and / or you might have passed it along to your own. 

When a child is born, both parents are delighted, they are so proud.  They look at their child and say, “this could be the future leader of our country, a Doctor, Lawyer”… name it.  The child begins to grow and begins to dream, however the parents in need of protecting their kids and to ensure their kids are living in reality, they give them the gift of REALITY - they teach them how life really works.  Out of love they might say, “Son / Daughter, you were not born in a rich family, that which you want, does not happen to people like us”.  Words used might change, yet you get where I am going right?  I know for a fact in my life I was told many times that poor people die poor and rich people die rich.  Dreaming to have more was a nice dream but I needed to live in reality and remember I was poor. 

I was told I could not afford to go to college since I was in middle school.  I guess it was to ensure I would not ask when the time was to arise. 

As I got older I was clear on the division of the haves and have not’s; I knew my place and I understood that it was how it was meant to be.   Do you have similar stories? 

OH boy!   The things we are told and the things we accept to be true.
When I began my journey of self-discovery or self-improvement depending on your point of view, it took me 3½ years to get it, too really understand it. It took me so long because I could not understand how all my beliefs were holding me back.  I had to break free of the years of conditioning and my acceptance to having no choice.

Let me tell you, saying you want to break free and doing it, is not the same thing.  When you choose to break free you need to challenge your mind, you need to push yourself past what you think you know and reprogram your mind with thoughts of better.  You need to stop telling yourself that you are meant to be poor, or meant to live in a certain way and choose to understand that you are capable of better, capable of more. 

Are you influenced?  When did you decide to vote Democrat or Republican?  Was it before you were of age, because of what you heard at home or was it because you really understood the views and how they played out in your life?   When did you choose your religion?  Was it before you were born or was it by reading, exploring and finding the religion or spirituality that connected with your soul?  When did you decide that right was right and wrong was wrong?  Was it when your parents, school and other authority taught you or when you understood it by your own experiences and for what you knew from your inner being to right or wrong?

So I ask, are we living a life influenced by the teachings of others or are we living a life in line with our vision? 

I am a parent of two….My son is 22 and my daughter is 17.  My son left before I began this journey. Therefore all my teachings to him were based in my old mentality.  My daughter has had several years of seeing me fight for better and of hearing me preach better.  I wish I would have known then what I know now, however there is nothing I can do about that.  However I can continue to move on and teach by example.

Get clear on why you think, speak and act as you do.  Get clear on the life you want to live and commit to living a life of purpose, a life of reaching your full potential. 

"A to Z of Life" by: Lwambula L Auther II

Lwambula L Auther II
A – Accept
Accept others for who they are 'n
for the choices they've made even
if you have difficulty in
understanding their beliefs,
motives or actions.
B – Break Away
Break away from everything that
stands in the way of what you
hope to accomplish in your life
C – Create
Create a family of friends with
whom you can share your hopes,
dreams, sorrows 'n happiness.
D – Decide
Decide that you’ll be successful 'n
happy come what may 'n good
things will find you. The
roadblocks are only minor
obstacles along the way.
E – Explore
Explore 'n experiment. The world
has much to offer 'n you have
much to give. 'n every time you try
something new, you’ll learn more
about yourself.
F – Forgive
Forgive 'n forget. Grudges only
weigh you down 'n inspire
unhappiness 'n grief. Soar above
it 'n remember that everyone
makes mistakes.
G – Grow
Leave the childhood monsters
behind. They can no longer hurt
you or stand in your way.
H – Hope
Hope for the best 'n never forget
that anything is possible as long
as you remain dedicated to the
I – Ignore
Ignore the negative voice inside
your head. Focus instead on your
goals 'n remember your
accomplishments . Your past
success is only a small inkling of
what the future holds for you.
J – Journey
Journey to new worlds, new
possibilities by remaining open-
minded. Try to learn something
new every day 'n you’ll grow.
K – Know
Know that no matter how bad
things seem, they’ll always get
better. The warmth of spring
always follows the harshest
L – Love
Let love fill your heart instead of
hate. When hate is in your heart,
there’s room for nothing else, but
when love is in your heart, there’s
room for endless happiness.
M – Manage
Manage your time 'n your
expenses wisely 'n you’ll suffer
less stress 'n worry. Then you’ll be
able to focus on the important
things in life.
N – Notice
Never ignore the poor, infirm,
helpless, weak or those who
suffer. Offer your assistance when
possible 'n always share your
kindness 'n understanding.
O – Open
Open your eyes 'n take in all the
beauty around you. Even during
the worst of times there’s still
much to be thankful for.
P – Play
Never forget to have fun along the
way. Success means nothing
without happiness.
Q – Question
Ask many questions because
you’re here to learn.
R – Relax
Refuse to let worry 'n stress rule
your life 'n remember that things
always have a way of working out
in the end.
S – Share
Share your talent, skills,
knowledge 'n time with others.
Everything that you invest in
others will return to you many
times over.
T – Try
Even when your dreams seem
impossible to reach, try anyway.
You’ll be amazed by what you can
U – Use
Use your gifts to your best ability.
Talent that’s wasted has no value.
Talent that’s used will bring
unexpected rewards.
V – Value
Value the friends 'n family
members who have supported 'n
encouraged you 'n be there for
them as well.
W – Work
Work hard every day to be the
best person you can be but never
feel guilty if you fall short of your
goals. Every sunrise offers a
second chance.
X – X-Ray
Look deep inside the hearts of
those around you 'n you’ll see the
goodness 'n beauty within.
Y – Yield
Yield to commitment. If you stay
on track 'n remain dedicated,
you’ll find success at the end of
the road.
Z – Zoom
Zoom to a happy place when bad
memories or sorrow rears its ugly
head. Let nothing interfere with
your goals. Instead, focus on your
abilities, your dreams 'n a brighter


Monday, November 18, 2013

See what I see and Think like I think - Oh Really???

We sometimes wonder why we don't agree. Why what is so obvious to us is not obvious to others. Are they blind? Do they not see? Come on people......look up, see what I see! Well, it is not that simple.

We see things depending on our experiences, where we are in life. We can all look up at the same sky yet see it differently.'s one big sky yet the angle from where we are looking is not the same. Same happens with our lives. There are some similarities in our lives such as, we wake up, get ready for our day. We care for our loved ones, etc. Yet our customs, traditions, beliefs, experiences are not the same.

This is why rather than trying to impose our point of views we need to be open to learning from each other. We need to be more understanding, more accepting of our differences. What you see is not necessarily what I see, yet that does not mean that one of our views is wrong. It simply means that we are not in the same place in life, we are not looking at life from the same stand point.

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Don't just say you want it.....Make it happen!

Here we are, we are ready to get out and make it happen, or so we say! It's not till we face the challenges that we know how committed we really are. When we say we are ready to fight, we need to know that we are going to get hit, knocked off our feet, the wind will be taken out of us. However when we are committed we will get stronger with every blow, we will rise higher with every fall. We will fight harder because our goals are on the line. Our life, the quality of life we envision is on the line.

Don't just talk about wanting it.......Commit to it. Make a decision to make it happen..
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Get to know your demons and put them out of commission!

We tend to be very quick on labeling our problems yet spend little time understanding the root cause. By doing this we allow our problems to sky rocket and become larger than life. Rather than labeling our problems we need to understand them, get clear on how we got to this point in our lives and choose to do something about it.

Money problems? Your problem is not money. The lack of money is due to something, what is it? Is it a gambling problem, dead end job, are you living beyond your means, health issues, addiction? Define it.

Do this in every area of your life....understand your demons and you will be in a stronger position to tackle them head on.

Don't be a slave to your demons, they have no power over you unless you let them roam freely.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Never Teach What you Know! - Really?????

Eileen Gonzalez
When I was younger getting ready to head out to the job force I remember being told, "Never teach what you know".  There was this mindset that you hold on to your knowledge and you would always be needed. For sometime I even think I adapted to that mindset, I would learn and secure.  What I knew was my little secret.  Oh boy!  Such a bad negative mindset.

You see when we choose to not share knowledge we do so out of fear.  We fear not being the best, not being needed, being replaced, not being able to make a living.  Yet we also fail to see that by holding on to knowledge and refusing to share we are attracting the wrong kind of attention.  We wanted to be seen as a person who has the answers to it all, instead we are being seen as the person who is insecure and not a team player.  OUCH!  Is that how you want to be seen?

Sharing your knowledge is good....not just to those you teach but for yourself.  You are making the team stronger, more effective.  Those you teach will always see and think of you as a GO TO person, and those that are watching you from a distance will see you as a team player.  Sharing, caring, opens doors, brings the right kind of attention to you.   See where I am going with this?

When you let go of your fears you then realize that there is room for all of us.  That those that need to hold on to what they know are simply acting out of fear and that in order to become better we need to share our knowledge with others.  Making others stronger makes us stronger as well.

Hey.....But what about job security?   There is none.  Chances are you teach what you know or you don't you still will at some point be shown the door.  Did you notice how I said "you teach or don't?"  It really does not matter how good you are, at the end it is a numbers game and you are a number.  Therefore use the opportunity to share as an opportunity to grow, update that resume to include your training skills, your Go To Person status.  Showcase what you do because that is how you open doors for yourself.  Those that choose to never share, will never be taught more or given more. Why?  Because no one can afford a "one man show".  In this day and age, Employers must be able to rely on all their resources in order to continue to compete in their market.

Did you get the message?   Did you understand that not sharing is a mentality of lack which keeps you from getting ahead?  Did you understand that by sharing, by duplicating yourself, you actually grow and open doors that will allow you to reach further?

I hope you did!  Be More and help others Reach their full potential!

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You think that your friendly conversation is harmless?  You think that the debate as to who can succeed or not went unheard?  It was heard all was heard by you. by your subconscious mind.  That conversation about what you would like to create and the ten reasons you will never create it did not go unnoticed.  It sunk in and it added more doubt.  It cemented into your soul and it reminded you why you will never get ahead.

That conversation was very harmful, because it breaks your spirit.  Just because there were laughs, maybe a couple of drinks, a good time with friends....does not mean that your spirit was not dimmed. In fact, you might have had a great time superficially yet your inner-self came out broken,, defeated.  "Oh well, it does not hurt to dream".

Look, we deserve better than what we are living with, we deserve better than what we are creating and we deserve better than what we are settling for.    Sitting around with friends chatting a storm about how bad our lives are and how it will never change is not helping you one bit.  It is only securing your spot in the Doomed section of life.  Why doomed?  Because that is what you created, you created a doom of heartbreaks, lost dreams, unfulfilled goals, etc.  We need to STOP IT!

Stop It or It will Stop YOU!  That is right, it will become stronger and it will not allow you to move forward.
You need to make a choice RIGHT NOW, to get clear on what you want, define the life you want to create and to make a commitment to give it your all.   No where did I say to go and get approval from your friends or family, no where did I say to get their insight.  You need to be clear on what you want, why you want it and go make it happen.

You might be thinking, "Yes but I could use their insight".   Really, can you?  If your goal is to become a business owner are you going to ask for insight from one who is convinced no one can make it unless they are born rich?  Are you going to ask someone who is afraid to try?  Are you going to ask someone who is busy reminding you of your past failures?

If you want insight, surround yourself from those that are busy making their dreams come true.  Surround yourself by those that do not use the words, "I can't, I don't know, I am not good enough, I am not sure". Surround yourself by people who fight for what they want and who will teach you how to become a WARRIOR!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sending Mixed Messages?

Oh boy!, I hear this all the time and it's no wonder why people don't see or get what they want.
We claim we want something, yet we follow up with our disbelief of achieving it.  

Let me share a couple of examples:
A man or woman, see someone they like. They flirt, yet shy away.  The other person perceives the attraction, might even feel attracted yet is struggling to know if what he/she is sensing is real or not. After all, the smiles, the "hello's" are not clearly defined as the "I want to get to know you". So here we have two parties, one is confused and the other is simply failing to clearly communicate.

We see this not only in relationships, we see this play out in our lives.  From the relationship to the job or career. We see it in our choice of cars, the house we buy or rent. We see it in the clothes we wear, the choices we make.  We say we want, yet we do not believe we can achieve or receive.

When this happens we are sending out mixed messages.  By now you have heard about the UNIVERSE and how we are connected to it.  We know that the power of our mind, our thoughts is in constant creation, regardless if we realize it or not.  It is simply happening, therefore every time we give in to our negative chatter. Every time we doubt our abilities to move forward.  Every time we believe or declare that our dreams are far fetched.......guess what we get?  That's right, we get what we believe!

What if you chose right now to stop giving in to your negative chatter?  After all it is what has you where you are today!....Look around, is it what you expected or wanted?  

Let's choose right now to define, set and declare our CLEAR INTENTION.  Let's declare it and know that we can achieve it.   How?  Well, let's not focus on the how right now.  If you believe you can do something you will be driven to research it.  If you believe you can travel to Europe, you will research the best time to go, the best airfares, the best sights to see, the best food to eat and even the best clothing to wear.   If you do not believe you can travel to Europe you will not look into any of it....why? Because you will have convinced yourself you are wasting your time.

Therefore let's set our intention with the belief we can achieve and with the mindset to go make it happen.

Change your thoughts....Change your life.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Let's stop postponing doing what we need to do.
Let's stop pretending like "maybe" things will get better on their own.
Let's stop pretending like we don't have a say in our future.

Be accountable, Reclaim control over your life, Change you thoughts and Change your Life.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What do they have in Common?

Think of your  favorite sports team and of a successful Entrepreneur or Professional.  What to they have in common?  They both have a SUCCESS STRATEGY.  They have the proper coaching, a defined game plan and they commit to execution.   Successful people understand that they can't do it alone.  They have an idea of what they want yet they seek counsel and strategy to make it happen.

Now think of your life, your results.  Are you seeing the results you wanted?

People don't plan to fail, they simply plan to fail.  Do you agree?

No one plans to be broke, or to struggle in life.  We simply fail to plan on our lives.  We fail to achieve clarity which will allow us to pursue our dreams. So, what do we do?  Do we continue to move in circles or do we invest in ourselves and set out to create the lives we want.

What if I can't afford help?  What if I can't afford a coach or a game plan?  I think the right question is, "can you afford not to have one?"  You might not be able to afford a car, yet a car will allow you to get to work which in turn allows you to make money.  You might not be able to buy medicine, yet medicine allows you to recover and get back to work which in turn allows you to make money.  You might not be able to go grocery shopping yet food gives you energy, keeps you in movement so that you can function, drive the car that will take you to work so you can make money.

Get what I am saying?  We can't afford not to invest in ourselves.  In fact, investing in ourselves is what is going to help us move forward, achieve our goals and improve our quality of life.  Choosing to not invest in ourselves is choosing to continue to endure the same results we have endured for some time.   A good coach is like a good doctor.  They will check your progress, re-ad\just your plan to ensure you achieve the right results within the desired timeline.

Can you do this yourself?  Maybe, but you know the answer better than anyone else.  You know it by your results. You know it by your drive, by your belief system.  You know it by your outlook.

So, let's dare envision 2014 for a you envision doors opening or do you envision more of the same?  Do you look at 2014 as the year your life will change or do you envision 2014 as another year of more crap coming your way?  

So, now that you envisioned 2014....... will you continue to do what you do today or will you make a decision to invest in yourself and change your life?

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't just recruit to recruit. Be Selective!

When you work for yourself you have the ability to choose who you work with. You are not forced to bring in people that will drain you and spill their negativity into your team. For those of you that have your own business, work it, grow it, but most of all surround yourself with people who have a winning attitude. Surround yourself with those that want to be better in life.

It's better to have a team of 5 fighters pushing you forward than 10 anchors holding you back.

1- Know what you want - have a clear vision of what your team should look like
2- Clearly define your goals and the path to follow
3- Commit to the development and success of your team
4- Be PRESENT whenever you are needed - Be a Mentor a Coach
5- Be accountable to yourself and to your up-line
6- Understand your individual team members goals and help them achieve such goals.

Like my UP-Line says......Be Coachable

Whatever business you works, but it works as much or as little as you do.
Commit to it and Enjoy the Journey

40's not what you expected? YOU can change that!

Many of us are in our 40's wondering how thing got so bad...... we envisioned being better, debt free, traveling, living a life of freedom. Yet here we are, working two or three jobs just to be broke, trying to make ends meet. We cringe at the sight of the mail hoping not to get another collection notice and we lower our ring tone to not hear the collection calls. How did things get so out of control?

There are many reasons which caused the results we are currently living, yet as bad as it all has been, it does not mean it has to stay that way. You might be saying, "yeah right!, come walk a day in my shoes". Well I can invite you to mine as well, chances are you won't like it as much as I won't like trading places with you. We all have problems, but holding on to them, focusing on them day and night is not going to make them go away. So, what do we do? How can we make things change? We start by changing our mindset, getting clear on what we want, defining the life we want to live.

The past as painful as it was or is, has no place in our future. Whatever mess you are living in is simply the "residual effects" of our past. Therefore if we understand this, we can look at it as we would with spilt milk and clean it up. Yes, it's messy, might have gotten into places we did not see, but we can and will clean it up.

1- Define your life, dare to envision a life in which you can breathe, provide and enjoy life.

2- Define your goals and set time lines ( short and long term)

3- Replace your "I can't, or I don't know" with "I can and I am learning"

4- Stay focused on your goals

5- Re-create yourself, Re-invent your life

Let's be honest...if you are working 2-3 jobs, chances are you might be doing it for a while. This that I am offering you is not a quick's a change of mindset. It's a way to get you in a mental position so that you can start creating rather than just going with the flow. When we feel empowered, we create. When we feel defeated, we accept.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Time to be BOLD!

Are you doing all you can to change your life?  Are you finding it hard to get started due to fears or uncertainty?  Look, we can wait and put things off however at the end we are only hurting ourselves.  

Right Now is the right moment for you to make a decision to be bold.  This is the time to trust yourself and to decide to pursue your dreams.  What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the perfect alignment of the stars?, to have all the answers? to gain all the skills?  Look, there is no more time to waste, your time is NOW and it starts with a choice.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get ahead of your week!

Why leave it to Monday to define what you need to get done?  Why not now, right where you are?

Ten or twenty minutes of your time is not much yet it might make the difference to allowing you to stay focused on what needs to be done. It will allow you to effectively complete your work goals and tackle your personal goals without losing a beat.  Choosing not to, will put you at the mercy of last minute priorities that simply show up out of the blue.  Take control of your day, your week, your month and do it by getting organized. Create a task list to follow each day.  Hold yourself accountable, prioritize them to ensure you are tackling the most critical first.  Add notes to allow yourself to follow progress and complete pending items.

Get organized, be accountable and you will enjoy a much smoother week.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I need help, but I am not ready for it! - Is this you?

Sometimes you know you need help, but you push the envelope.
You hope for the ceiling not to fall even though you see the cracks opening up. You want the car to not run out of gas even though gas light is on. You want to not lose your job even though you know things have not been going well. We need help but we don't want to get it. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? There can be many reasons.....
1- we don't want to admit it to ourselves
2- we feel we nothing we will do will ever fix the situation
3- things will get better in time
4- we think we can't afford it

I am sure you can come up with a couple of other excuses. Yet, who are you hurting by ignoring your situation? Do you like your situation? Wouldn't you like to feel empowered to making the change you need? Who besides YOU, is stopping you?

I hate selling!

This is for you the Entrepreneur at heart

Many times we struggle with the word sales.....some might even hate it.   They want to make a profit while serving the community yet they struggle with selling.   This happens to many thus many go out of business.  Not only in a personal business formed by them but even in business ventures such as MLM companies.  The format is there, yet they struggle to close the sale.

Look, if you don't sell you are neglecting to give a service. If you sell cosmetics, vitamins, diet products, clothing, spa services....if you don't offer it, people will not obtain the service they need.  Sometimes they need what you have yet you are too afraid to offer it.

Don't worry about the ones that don't purchase from you, they either don't need what you have or have not realized it yet.  You simply need to let them know you are here and ready to help them and how they can secure your services.

Still not sure about this?  Well,  let's think of this.
If your car needed a tune up or repair,  are you expecting to find a mechanic to give you the service for free?  No, right?  He or She would charge you for their time and parts, correct?  He is still doing something that helps you. In fact, even though you would have wished to not spend the money you are thankful you had it and he was able to provide the service.  Why?  Because you needed your car.

Same happens with your services.  If you are a masseuse, don't keep it a secret, let people know you exist and set your price.  People need you, but they won't come to you if you keep it to yourself.

You feel bad about charging?  Well, you can't help others if you are broke, scrambling to make ends meet.  Again.....a mechanic knows how to fix your car, yet he won't do it for free........why should you?

I am amazed at my strength!

When I stare myself in the mirror, there are days I don't recognize me. I never imagined I could be this strong. I never imagined that others comments, complaints or opinions would simply slide off me as if I were covered in oil.  I never imagined that loved ones would turn there back on me and that I would continue moving forward without missing a beet.  I never in my wildest dream thought I would be exploring new ventures without someone to guide me, teach me or even a guaranteed outcome.

OH MY, who is this woman in the mirror?   I can honestly tell you that not so long ago, when I entered a room, I thought my weight was being calculated from the moment I walked in. Today, Eileen walks in that door, I look others in the eye and I will speak my mind. Why?. Because I can.......that simple.  It's not that I am more deserving, I am as deserving.  I finally understood that the biggest limitations in my life were caused by my personal negative chatter, the personal low self-esteem and by always second guessing myself.  I finally understood that I deserved more than I had allowed myself and that I was here with a purpose to fulfill and it was my GOD given right to pursue and achieve it.   I finally understood that those that loved me did love me yet their role in life was not to define me.  That was MY JOB!

When I stare myself in the mirror, I see a strong, determined woman.  A woman who does not have all the answers but has much determination.  I have the desire, the want, the mindset to go make it happen.  How quickly will they come to pass?  I am not sure, but I know one's all tied to my efforts.

Where are you?
How are you feeling about you?
What are you willing to do to get stronger?

No one has a right to define you.....that is your right.  You can choose to give it away, yet you will only reach your full potential, when you tap into your inner strength and pursue your goals, your purpose.

How did I change?  How did I become this strong?  I can tell you I did not do it intentionally.
I just got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I got angry enough to put myself first.
Hitting Rock Bottom for me was a gift....because I was able to channel all the emotions and use them to become  A WARRIOR!

Hate your job? Well, whatcha gonna do bout it?

I hear it time and time again, "I hate my job". Chances are you don't really hate your job, you might hate your direct boss. This is the main reason for many people to lose productivity, miss work and at times feel overwhelmed with stress. So what do you do? There are many things we can try, starting with communication, asking for open feedback. Companies also offer employee resources, however if you are not happy, if you have reached that level in which you know beyond a doubt, "this is not the place for you". Then you need to do more than just complain, you need to take action.

What type of action? I have been in this job for over 20 years, this is all that I know. I don't want to start all over again. What if I am not good enough? - Sound familiar? That is the negative chatter that plagues many of us and which keeps us from moving forward. These are the thoughts that keep us prisoners of situations we don't want in our lives. you got just described me. How can I overcome this?
Well, first you must be certain this is not the right environment for you and be clear on the "WHY?"
Second, you want to some research, understand your options, your preferences, available training's.
Third, get your resume professional assistance to prepare a resume that will help you secure the job / career or business you "WANT'.
Fourth get out there and apply......

All this you can do while you are working.......
Did you know that while you are still employed you can begin this process, which helps you in several ways. are more attractive while take your mind off of the negative "doom" feelings and feel "empowered" toward change. redefine yourself which will reflect in your work.

If you choose to work in a job for the rest of your life, be it by choice not by settling for less than you want.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

How committed are you?

It's great that you know what you want, you have clearly defined them, yet how committed are you to getting started and seeing them through?  Many times we leave our ideas on the drawing board because others don't share our views, our beliefs or because they don't think we have what it takes.   Yet who are they to define you?  Who gave them the right or the insight to say what you can or can't do?

Your life is your responsibility and your dreams are yours to nurture.  Therefore push all the obstacles aside, push the negative chatter to a corner and put all your focus on your dreams.  Take those ideas, those goals and plan them out.

  • Research your Options
  • Lay out a course of Action
  • Set up specific, deliberate Timeline's
  • Get Started

Look, this is your life, your's time you live Life According to YOU.

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Let's get you ready to take 2014 by Storm.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Define, Understand, Commit - Achieve CLARITY!

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Many times we are quick to label our problems yet we don't get down to the root cause.
If left unidentified, we continue to make the same mistakes and our situation simply gets worse.

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