Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nervous At The Thought of Interviewing!

Are you nervous about your Interview? 

No need……the interviewer does not know anything about you other than what he or she is reading. 
Therefore, be prepared and be calm.

Before you go to your interview do the following:
  • Research the company, but if you don’t, don’t lie about it.  Choose to be honest!
  • Have two copies of your resume, one for the interviewer and one for you as reference.
  • Review your resume and be prepared to add some information not mentioned on the CV
  • Have several questions for the interviewer; your goal here is to learn about the job, the
    company and Managers style. The more you know the better informed you are to make
    a decision.

While at the interview:
  • Sit straight, make yourself comfortable and have your resume, note pad and pen ready.
  • Answer all the questions as clearly as possible, remember your responses are adding or explaining the resume.   If you don’t understand the question, simply ask them to clarify.  You’re human, so relax!
  • Take notes, its OK to ask them to elaborate on their question or answer 
  • Do not leave without knowing the next steps, will there be follow up interview or will they contact you to let you know status of employment. 
  • If not offered, ask for the business card.  You will want to send a thank you note.

I find that we need to think of interviews as a shopping experience.  We just as they are looking for the right fit, therefore when you are asking questions and listening to them you must be able to envision yourself working for them.  Do you want to spend 8 hours a day working there?

Interviews are nothing more than an open dialogue in which both the employer and the employee can determine if there what is being offered is a right fit.  The employer is offering a job with perks and you are offering your skills, commitment and experience.  The employer may feel you are a good fit, yet you may feel the job or perks does not meet your requirements.  The same with the may feel it is a good fit for you, yet the employer may feel that your experience is not aligned with their immediate need.  Therefore its not about rejection, its about Fit.

Makes sense?

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